Latest Design ESKUTE Polluno pro e-Bike

New e-bike models like Polluno and Netuno are introduced according to future e-bikes requirements. People who are interested to use e-bikes, have the best option to use the recommended e-bikes for urban commutes and everyday use. For delivering the best performance and expectations, “M” mid-drive motor or “H” rear hub motor provides great confidence to riders to cover the distance with a fully relaxed mind. In 202 designs “Polluno Pro E-City Bike” is specifically designed for daily adventures and daily commuting. Efficient pedaling support facilitates the rider to cover the distance with light force and energy. A smooth and natural pedaling sensation is a good quality that has some values and can be considered the best and smart choice to proceed from easy and smart assistance.

For cycling outdoors in urban and adventurous spots, there is no alternative to The Polluno Pro which is basically designed as a modern e-bike. For daily commuting, sports and travel the Polluno Pro is an ideal choice both for men and women. In advanced features, 125kg Payload capacity, 15.5mph (locking), Speed, 62 miles estimated, Distance per charge provides great confidence for interested people to use the modern ebike with 250w Mid-drive motor to cover the distance. Bafang Mid-motor M200 250W is a new style design motor that is specifically used in ESKUTE Polluno pro E-Bike to get high-performance.

Each and every spare part in the e-bike is made with high-quality materials and delivers the best performance to create confidence for the riders. Easy to control and simple to manage features facilitate the people to get satisfied from easy and smart choices according to your interests and preferences levels. 27.5kg is the weight of the bike and 125KG is the maximum load capacity for the riders. 15.5 miles/h speed 62 miles can be covered easily with 42V/3.0A charger. There no instructions for the riders to press the pedals harder and faster because it6s depends upon the mood of the riders and their requirements of the travel plans to reach the destinations.

To access press the pedals harder and faster top-class riding performance, Torque Sensor is the best and smart choice to get satisfied from the latest future e-bike. There is an alternative to Eskute’s highly popular rear hub motor because it’s based upon the latest technology and bike journey requirements and has the capacity to match with the requirements and the analysis to proceed with a lightweight travel partner. For a longer riding range, the plan to ride the e-bike is cost-effective, fast traveler partner, and easy to move from one to another place.

Comparatively, the Polluno Pro e-bike with 36V 14.5Ah Integrated Battery with Samsung Cell makes it prominent as compared with other options and delivers the best confidence levels to achieve the objectives. 2 Years warranty is available to get high-performance and to cover the travel distance with a smooth ride. Ensuring safety and comfort is the main priority to use the modern e-bike. People who are looking for long-lasting performance have the best option to use the modern design e-bike and make it their daily riding partner to go anywhere.


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