Learn about the Architecture and Setup of VPS Hosting UAE


VPS has been a popular web hosting solution for growing businesses in UAE and across the world. VPS provides reliability and more flexibility than a shared server at a cheaper price, this makes it the ideal option for medium-sized business owners.

Although people who don’t have the full understanding of VPS Hosting UAE, do wonder how they work and function. To grow a better understanding of the VPS UAE architect and setup, you may want to read our article.

What is VPS Hosting?


A Virtual Private Server is a big physical server that is divided into multiple private servers. In this type of hosting, the server would be shared among multiple website owners but at the same time, the users will get an isolated server to host their website.


The VPS imitates the functionality of a dedicated server, as the user doesn’t have to share their VPS with anyone else. Even though the physical server would be divided, each user would get an isolated server and dedicated resources. This makes it cheaper and efficient and a good hosting service for small and medium-sized websites.




To divide the physical server into various virtual servers, the provider would use a virtualization software known as a hypervisor. The hypervisor would act as a virtualization layer. This would essentially extract the resources on the physical server to provide their customers with access to a replica of the original physical server. This server is known as Virtual Machine and each of the Virtual Machines has its resources (CPU, RAM, OS, etc).


All of the virtual servers would be isolated from each other which gives their customers the experience of a dedicated server.


Setting up of VPS UAE


Now that you know what VPS hosting is and how it works, you might want to know how to set up UAE VPS hosting. Well, that is what we are here for.


Setting up VPS hosting is not that hard, just follow the instructions and you would be good to go.


1. Login Your Reseller Account


First, you will need to login into your Reseller account using your Reseller ID and password. Now go to the top right side of the dashboard and click on Buy to place orders.


2. Place an Order


To get a VPS hosting you need to purchase it for that you will need a Domain name linked to it.


3. Purchase Domain Name


Go to “Select Product” and select Domain Registration from the drop-down list.


Now enter the domain name of your choice and see if it is available. If you want privacy protection you can also get it by spending some extra bucks.


4. Purchasing VPS Hosting


To Purchase VPS hosting UAE, you have to follow the below mentioned simple steps:


  • Once you have purchased your domain name, you will be required to link it to a hosting platform of your choice. Refresh the page and select “Select Product” and then click on the VPS of your choice.
  • Now type the domain name you want to link your hosting with along with product specification detail as well (the domain name you just purchased)
  • Next, you can select any Add-ons if you want to, like the control panel and other stuff. If you don’t want any add-ons then simply select


5. Accessing Your VPS Hosting


  • Now that you have purchased your VPS UAE and domain name, they will be automatically added to your control panel.
  • To access the orders, go to the main dashboard and click on Products, then select List All Orders. Finally, click on the Order you want to access.


6. Setting Up Your VPS Hosting


Your VPS server UAE would be instantly provided after you have made your purchase. You don’t need to manually set up your VPS UAE account as it would be done by the provider.


To access your VPS server, click on the Admin Details, a new window page will open. Now you can see your Server Management Panel, WHMCS, and cPanel to manage your order.


Now that you know how to set up your VPS hosting, you would want to look for the best VPS provider in UAE. When it comes to the best, Serverwala comes first in our minds. Let’s know more about Serverwala VPS UAE and why you should choose that.

Know about the best VPS Hosting Provider in UAE



Serverwala is a leading web hosting company in UAE. They provide the best web hosting solutions that include, shared server, VPS hosting UAE, dedicated server, colocation, etc.


Serverwala is best because it uses powerful and robust infrastructure that ensures a high-end VPS UAE service that is reliable, flexible and high performing. One thing that makes it better than any other VPS provider in UAE is its economical efficient cost and various plans.


Serverwala has thousands of happy customers and they all have good things to say about their services as well. You can become one too, just choose cheap VPS hosting UAE plans from serverwala and make sure you get the best server to host your website.


With Serverwala’s Cheap VPS hosting UAE, you will get the following benefits:


  • 99% uptime
  • Higher network speed
  • Higher reliability and flexibility
  • Improved performance
  • Full Root Access
  • Improved security
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Free set up and no cancellation fee
  • Affordable plans and packages


Here we have listed everything you wanted to know about VPS Hosting UAE. From what is VPS hosting to how to set up VPS hosting you know everything.

You would be glad to choose Serverwala’s VPS hosting UAE as they make sure you get reliable performance and your online business thrive and expand as you have always wanted. Their cost-efficient plans are very popular among the website owners of the UAE. So choosing UAE VPS hosting Serverwala should be a smart move for your website.

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