Linen Clothing In Australia: Pick Linen This Summer

Linen has been popular since time immemorial. It was earlier considered a luxury clothing fabric that was commonly worn by knights, priests, and monarchs. Later on, its popularity became widespread, making linen clothing available to all. Australia is a humid nation, with its average humidity spiking to 65 percent during summers. The temperature conditions have led to increasing demand for linen clothing in Australia. Here are some reasons why you too should opt for linen clothing this summer:

Perfect summer fabric

The summers in Australia are scorching and humid, with average temperatures exceeding 95-degree Fahrenheit. Linen is, therefore, the best choice for summer. The fabric is moisture-wicking, breathable, and lightweight, making it ideal for everyday use. The loosely woven texture helps heat escape from the body. It also helps absorb moisture, keeping you dry and cool in merciless summers.


Linen is a strong natural material with greater durability than cotton. The strength of the fiber makes the garment sturdy and long-lasting. While a cotton dress or top lasts a few seasons, a linen shirt is likely to go beyond that. Linen fabric helps retain shape even after several washes, and it becomes more pleasant and soft to the skin with time. The material’s resilience prevents its disintegration, and you can wear your favorite clothing pieces again next summer.


Whether it is a corporate environment, a formal event, or a casual get-together, linen can be worn on every occasion. When looking for linen clothing in Australia, you can come across a wide variety of cuts and styles. The clothes can be styled with canvas bags, espadrilles, straw hats in the humid summer. You can style linen outfits with leather jackets or sweaters in the colder months.

Low maintenance

You are required to wash your clothes regularly in the summer. The easy to care attribute of the fabric has made it convenient to use, especially in the harsh summers. However, you need to know that linen clothing needs to be washed in cold water. It’s best not to use optical whiteners or bleach as it may affect the fabric’s sturdiness. You can hang your clothes to dry naturally or tumble dry them. You don’t have to worry about ironing your linen clothes as good quality linen is a bit wrinkly, which adds to its beauty. The effortless elegance of linen is rare, making the fabric perfect for use in the summers.


Hot summers combined with skin irritation and allergies are an absolute nightmare. Various fabrics often aggravate skin conditions and symptoms by building up the moisture and creating an ideal ecosystem for microbes and bacteria to breed. If you are worried about your skin conditions and allergies, linen fabric is the answer for you. Linen being extremely breathable allows air to move freely, releasing moisture very fast. It is a much safer choice if you are in any form of physical discomfort like night sweats.

Sustainable choice

Take a step forward to a more sustainable future by choosing linen clothing this summer. You will be making a responsible choice by including linen clothing in your wardrobe. Linen is sourced from flax, and its cultivation is far more sustainable than other fabrics. The fabric is also biodegradable and recyclable; hence, it would not add to the textile waste.


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