Many people move to Chennai for education and job opportunities. Although living in Chennai may seem fun during the first few months, you might get homesick when all alone. But things can be different if you are aware of the tips to settle in the pg in Chennai and have someone by your side during a staycation. Here in this guide, we have mentioned some tips helping you to settle down in the PGs by getting along with your roommates in Chennai.

  • Communicate your requirements: When sharing the room with others in the paying guest accommodation, it is always better to communicate your needs to your roommates. This will assist others with getting to know you. Communication can be about the smallest things. For example, if you like to sleep early then you can request your roommate to turn down the volume of the TV or music at night. Not only communicate about yourself but also be a good listener and listen and understand the needs of others. Communicating the needs beforehand will prevent problems in the future.
  • Maintain hygiene in the shared spaces: PGs are quite different from the hostels in Chennai. Although here you get the facility of choosing single, double, triple, and even four shared rooms similar to the hostels, you are required to maintain hygiene in the shared spaces of the PGs. In case your roommate is hygiene conscious, then it becomes even more important for you to be careful about cleanliness. You can easily manage the hygiene factor by allotting the particular places for utensils, laundry, shoes, clothes, and other accessories. Be watchful and avoid messing with someone other space.
  • Follow the PG’s rule: Almost every paying guest accommodation in Chennai is equipped with certain rules. Some might be strict about the curfew timings because of the safety and security of their lodgers while some others might have strict rules over food or using shared things. It is vital to check all rules of the PG and follow them. For instance, ask the owner of the PG if you can bring over any guest to your room before inviting him or her to avoid complications in the future.
  • Learn to manage your time: Timings for everything are fixed in the paying guest accommodations to maintain a proper routine. Therefore, it is always better to opt for the ‘early to bed and early to rise’ routine when living in the paying guest accommodation in Chennai. Waking up early will save you from the long queues that shared washrooms have in the PGs. Not only this, but you will also save from cleaning the washroom after using it. Also, you will not miss your meals and thus, will get the same on time.
  • Respect the privacy of others: Almost every person opts for the shared paying guest accommodation not because they are excited to share the room with someone but because these are much more affordable. Everyone wants their personal space and alone time. Therefore, one should try not to disturb their roommates or try prying into their personal lives. Although it is good to try to build friendships but never cross the line.
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  • Try to build relationships: Now that you are all by yourself in the new city, the best way to overcome homesickness or loneliness is to make friends. Just try to communicate with your roommate and build a rapport with his family. You can go out for a movie or coffee together and talk about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, career goals, etc. also, you both can decide to play sports together once o week to build a bonding with each other. These relationships are worth keeping and remembering even after leaving the paying guest accommodation.
  • Say ‘no’ when required: To make your life easier at the paying guest accommodation in Chennai it is suggested to create a friendly environment. You need to be friendly when your roommate approaches you for help. However, it is a good thing to support your roommate, don’t back out after committing something to him or her. Also, it is not a wise decision to overlook your own needs to help your roommate. It’s not the fault of your roommate that you are helping him or her out by ignoring your requirements or comfort. Therefore, in case you are not feeling comfortable helping your mate with something then communicate the same to him or her and thus, learn to say ‘no’ whenever required.

Wrapping up it all!

Now that you have made up your mind to live in the unisex pg in Chennai, you should be aware of the above-mentioned tips. It can become a little exciting as well as overwhelming to share a room with someone stranger in the new city. These tips will help you settle down in the paying guest accommodations by getting along with your roommate.


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