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Marketing and Planning on Instagram

Who is Instagram suitable for?

According to a Top SEO Service, there are no limits to Instagram marketing – it’s not limited to consumer marketing alone, but many companies have taken over Instagram to attract new employees and tell an interesting story about the company’s daily lives. If you are targeting an international market, Instagram also opens up opportunities to reach an international audience.

Why are you on Instagram?

What do you want to accomplish on your channel? Reach new customers, create awareness of service offerings or create an image of an attractive employer? Create a plan on Instagram that meets your goals and define the role of the channel in the overall marketing.

If Instagram is your main channel, you might want to think about content production from an Instagram perspective as well. What style of the channel is preferred and what are the best content formats for Instagram from your business perspective? Stories, profile posts or long videos on IGTV? For example, a vertical image is preferred in video materials, and stories are very different types of content than, for example, content produced for your own profile or another channel.

Topic tags

Once you’ve considered your target audience and planned your content categories, it’s a good idea to remember to use #hashtags. For example, if you’re looking for a new customer base, think about how you can publish content of interest to your audience with the tags they use. This is how you bring out your own activities in a new context and the content tells the story from a personal or interesting point of view. So don’t push the service or product directly.

So it’s not worth focusing solely on describing your own product and service and using tags that tell about them but thinking about how you can appear in an interesting way in different contexts where the target audience is. For example, what kind of information and inspiration are they looking for, what kind of things is your product/service competing with?

Tip! You can put suitable topic tags for your own tracking (type the desired topic in the search field, click “#marketing” and all the marketing-themed images will be displayed. From this view, you will also be able to follow the selected tag.


Visual, influential or mundane? Channel visuals are important, but if you’re not offering design products or the like, the world of images “behind the scenes” can often work better than finished advertising images. The “functionality” of an Instagram profile is easy to analyse as an outsider through visuals. It’s worth investing in good images, but this choice depends entirely on your own business and the goal of the channel. It’s understandable that a Company Profile that provides visual services looks perfectly finished and harmonious, but that’s not necessarily everyone’s goal. How do you stand out from other players?

In this way, a reputed SEO company summarises as, Instagram is part of building a company’s communications and image, not a single channel that is accountable to a person who is adept at capturing good images. Marketing a company on social media is different from personal use of channels.


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