Monetizing Your Gaming Skills on Twitch

Twitch is a live gaming platform where users play games watched by followers of their channel. Twitch is also into live streaming of music, curated content, and broadcasts of e-sports events. What sets it apart from other gaming platforms is that you can earn substantial amounts regularly if you have enough followers on your channel backing you up. But before going to how to get Twitch followers a quick word is necessary about the scope of Twitch and how acquiring Twitch followers will help you earn substantially.

What is Twitch

Twitch is a US-based live gaming platform that was launched in 2013. Initially, it did not meet with any success until it was acquired in 2014 by Amazon. This move breathed fresh life into the platform and thereafter Twitch began to grow exponentially. Within a year Twitch crossed 100 million monthly views and in 2017, overtook the then leader in gaming services YouTube.

Figures for 2020 show Twitch had 30 million monthly broadcasts, 1.4 million concurrent users, and 1.35 daily active users. Today, Twitch can boast of a 43% share of Internet-based gaming traffic in the world. If you are on Twitch showcasing your gaming skills and know how to get Twitch followers, even having a fraction of this massive gaming pie can rake in the millions for you.

Why Should You Get Twitch Followers?

Just being on Twitch for gaming is not enough, you should take advantage of the opportunities offered by the platform to monetize your passion for gaming. But for that to happen, you should have a large number of followers as only then can you get the dollars flowing in.

How does knowing how to get Twitch followers help you? Once you employ the necessary strategies for growing your channel through an increased number of followers, you will see a proportional rise in your earnings. This is because, followers, similar to social media platforms, lend weight to the credibility and authenticity of your channel. Viewers will be intrigued about the reasons for the rise in the popularity of your channel and will begin to follow you. At this stage, if you can provide value to your followers, there is no stopping your growth on Twitch. 

Your earnings start along with the rise in the number of followers. And people are waiting to take advantage of your standing. These are top brands and leading companies that find your reach to a very large audience an ideal opportunity to market their products and services on your channel. Moreover, being Internet-based, your followers will be spread all over the globe, making it more appealing for the brands to advertise on your channel.

It is a winning scenario for both of you. Companies can market their products to a global audience with a minimum of effort and you get paid heavily for allowing them to do so.

If you can properly implement a plan of how to get Twitch followersand be successful, you can even earn a lot by selling your personalized merchandise. Open a virtual storefront and stock it with items that are attractive and appeal to your followers. Try T-shirts, laptop cases, coffee mugs, and anything else that takes your fancy.

Have them imprinted with a logo and a message that brings out the essence of your Twitch channel. Now, promote the virtual store on your channel and you can be sure that they will be sold out soon enough. The more your followers, the higher will be the sales.

How to Get Twitch Followers

The point made already is that how can more followers help to grow your channel and monetize your gaming skills. What you should know now is how to get Twitch followers.

Two strategies can be adopted.

The first is to grow your followers without great effort. This can be a time-consuming affair and might take a couple of years at the least if you have to have enough followers to make a positive impact on your earnings. The trick is to have high visibility on your channel at all times so that your existing followers can interact with you. Create and publish on your channel a schedule of your gaming and the ones you are likely to play. When you have enough expertise and skillsets, there will be a lot of viewers waiting to watch you play and follow you.

The second method of how to get Twitch followers is to buy them from specialized sites. Research the Internet well and pick sites that have a reputation for providing genuine followers. The web abounds with fake sites that provide fraudulent followers that fade away after some time leaving you at square one again after a temporary rise in numbers.

Also, avoid sites that promise you exponential growth in the number of followers within a very short period. These sites use bots and automation to get followers, a practice that is not allowed on Twitch. If the Twitch algorithm finds that you have used bots to get followers you might be banned from the platform or all your privileges suspended. Hence be very careful to select the right sites to answer your question about how to get Twitch followers.

Here is a tip for you. Select a site to buy followers that offer customer service 24×7. Since gamers on Twitch are from various time zones, these sites care enough to support their customers whenever needed. You can bank on them to provide genuine people when you are looking for how to get Twitch followers.


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