Mortal Online 2 Farming – How to Farm Gold?

Mortal Online 2 is a pretty difficult game specially designed for MMO lovers who are ready to face challenges that come their way on this adventure. The game features an extensive combat system with skills but there is more to it than just killing monsters. You are also required to work hard to collect resources to get Mortal Online 2 Gold and other items. Players who are always well-stocked with gold don’t have to worry about anything in the game. Whether you are in a guild or playing as a lone wolf, you have to deal with most things by yourself. This makes gold crucial and this guide features some of the best gold farming methods in Mortal Online 2.

Why gold is so important in Mortal Online 2?

Compared to other MMOs, you can kill anything you want which makes Mortal Online 2 pretty unique. Going unprepared will leave you with nothing but heavy loss in terms of health and you may lose everything you currently own in the game. There are various currencies in Mortal Online 2 but gold is the most important among them because no matter what your strategy is, you will need it at every stage of the game. Other currencies are pretty easy to get compared to gold so you may need to buy it from the market.

Earn gold by selling items

Almost everything that you gather or craft in the game can be sold at the market in return for gold right from the beginning of the game. You need gold to buy other useful items and get rid of extra items from the bag. Selling them is your best option as it will clear slots in the bag and you will end up with gold.

Gather pickable from the map

Vegetables and various other pickable are scattered across the map. This is one of the best methods to earn gold for beginners as this doesn’t require any killing or other skills. Even the tutorial of the game features these pickable items which can be sold at the gold market. Although, gold from these items won’t be much but is better than nothing. For those who are in the Tindrem region, they can earn some gold by going to a garden nearby and looting some blue flowers from there. Keep these looted flowers in the bag and sell them at a good price at the market. You may need to repeat these methods many times but it’s better than no gold at all.

Complete Dungeons

For combat lovers, the game features many dungeons and world bosses which can be found on the game effortlessly. This method is for those who are bored with killing bandits or picking up resources from the map and want to try something new. Dungeons and world bosses are pretty difficult to handle for lone wolfs so coordinate with a friend and tackle them in a team. Some players don’t like to fight them on the team because they have to share the loot with teammates but it’s better than getting killed somewhere in the dungeon.

Kill pigs for items

Pigs are a good source of bones, leather, and various other items. Pig hunting is a separate task in Mortal Online 2. Killing pigs doesn’t reward you with too much gold but it’s fun. You should find the pig respawn on the map and kill pigs there to kill as many pigs as you want in a short time and make good money. Killing pigs itself isn’t rewarding but items from them are essential and give you a good return.

Kill Walker Zombies

Zombies are undead creatures and killing them is a good way to get your hands on free gold. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran, you can still kill them with a hit or two. You only need to loot the head of these zombies for some good items as bodies don’t contain anything at all. Looting bodies is just a waste of time until you have no other option left.

Gather resources

You can cut down trees to get wood and the game is filled with hundreds of thousands of these trees. The stone gathering is also beneficial and these resources are sold in the market at a high price. It is a time taking process but you should do it if you have tried everything else in the game.

Kill bandits

As the name suggests, bandits are looters who are roaming the game map and they are pretty easy to kill with a good strategy. If you see a bandit nearby, just take your bow out and shot an arrow from the distance to engage in a one-vs-one battle with them. Go prepared as bandits can deal a lot of damage. Avoid visiting ruins where they live or they will attack you in a formation and kill you before you take your sword out. They drop gifts as the loot that you can sell at a good price in the market.

Train horses

If you are good at taming horses, this method is for you as you need to train them before selling them in the market. A tamed horse will land you with a hefty amount of gold. There is no limit to how many horses you can train so you can train as many horses as you want but training a horse isn’t easy at all. Don’t forget to give them something to eat during the training or they will become unhealthy and their price will go down. Horses will also stay loyal to you and obey your commands if you keep feeding them. If you are planning to sell your horses, check their prices and set the price of the horse according to its current level. The only downside of this method is that it will take some time to travel to the training ground and bring trained horses back to the market. MMOPIXEL.COM sells currencies and in-game items at the best price.


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