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Most Trending types of Wall Clocks in Home Decor Category

There used to be an era when wall clocks were just seen as a source of functionality to the room. But through these years, this idea has changed tremendously. Wall clocks are now used for not just knowing the time. They are also seen as an artefact of aesthetics. Nowadays, wall clock decor is perceived to add both functional and aesthetic value to the room. Wall clocks bring a touch of charm and class to the walls. Not just this, it must also compliment other home decoration items in the room making it look complete. There are a variety of types of wall clock decor available online, thus, choosing one might get difficult. So, you need to have a clear idea of the types and trends of wall clock decor in the market. Here we bring you a list of trendy wall clock types that you can buy for your home. Scroll ahead to find out!

Circular wall clock

A circular wall clock decor is the best way to glam up your dull and monotonous walls. Though being the most seen kind of wall clock, it is a modern and elegant choice for contemporary interiors. These clocks also have an elegant numeric font. Because of the standard shape and style, this kind of wall clock decor is super versatile. You can hang it anywhere from your bedroom to your living. 

Modern wall clock

Have a look at modern wall clocks for your modern interiors. These wall clocks look fashionable and suave. Available in sleek and stylish designs, modern wall clocks become the focal point of the room as soon as you hang them in your room. These have a touch of modernity that charms everyone. 

Vintage wall clock

Bring a retro charm to your home or office by decorating your walls with vintage wall clock decor. The classic look is eccentric and extravagant, making every detail of the design boldly prominent. These vintage wall clocks suit retro style interiors the best. If you have classic aesthetics, a vintage wall clock will serve as a cherry on top. Some vintage wall clocks are also attached with an elegant chain that helps them to hang on any wall.

Metallic wall clock

With a metallic wall clock, you can make any space look uber chic. Metallic wall clock decor has a touch of gold, silver or bronze in its body making it dazzle up your walls like none other. You can also find round wall clocks with metallic structures. Metallic wall clocks look very versatile and complement any room from vintage to modern. The metallic look adds a voguish touch to metallic wall clock decor. 

Analogue wall clock

Home decoration items like analogue wall clocks are simple and original. You can also have a choice between a roman numeral or an Arabic numeral system in an analogue wall clock. Analogue wall clocks can be vintage, modern, metallic, or boho. If you are someone who likes to do things an old school way, analogue wall clocks are perfect for you. 

Open movement wall clock

If you are wondering what an open movement wall clock is, then let us tell you it is a wall clock decor with no glass case. They are open and have a rustic decoration on their body. Open wall clocks are home decoration items that look chic and quirky. These wall clocks serve as a standalone piece in the room making a statement on their own. Suitable for every home decor, from modern to vintage, you must check out open movement wall clocks now!

Double band wall clock

They are trendy English style wall clocks with a metallic framework. These wall clock decors come with a double band of the clock, which may or may not have the same design. The styling element of such clocks is suave and urbane. Sprucing up every living space, when you bring home a double band wall clock, get ready to alleviate your design quotient instantly. 

Hanging wall clock

Yes, you read it right. You can also hang wall clocks now! If you are bored of the old nail stuck on the wall, hanging wall clocks are the perfect pick for you. These clocks come with a belt or string and are crafted using Victorian style, giving them a vintage touch. Such wall clock decor adds more drama and character to the walls. You can hang it on your entrances, kitchen or lobby. 

So, these were the top categories of wall clock decor that you must know before you pick the right one for yourself. Another thing that you must keep in mind is to choose a trusted and established brand for your interiors. When it comes to your home, compromising is not an option. Hence, keep in mind the top trending wall clocks and get your hands at them from a trusted brand.

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