Moving From the West Coast to the East Coast: What You Need to Know

When we think of the West Coast vs. the East Coast of the United States, many people stick to comparing Los Angeles with New York City. It doesn’t seem like such a huge change when you think of it from this perspective. After all, both are major cities with large populations that make their home on the coasts. 

But there are some unique things to know before moving to New York that might differ from your experience of the West Coast or anywhere else in the country. 

Prepare for a very different climate

The average temperatures in California range from the high 80s in the summer to the 60s in the winter. Seattle also has beautiful sunsets. You can check sunset Seattle as one of your travel guides.

The East Coast climate is very different from the West Coast. While East Coast states will experience hot, humid summers, their winters are cold and dreary. You’re also more likely to experience snow if you live in the Northeast. 

If you’re not prepared, this climate change can be quite a shock to someone from the sunny beaches of California and other West Coast states. 

Save your pennies for an expensive move

Preparing for any life event usually requires evaluating expenses. While the cost of living between NYC and Los Angeles isn’t very different, it can cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000 just to make the move. 

Your final costs will depend on several factors, like how many belongings you need to move, whether you use a moving company, and if you buy a house in your new city. 

Northeast vs. Southeast: two different worlds

Transitioning from the West Coast to the East Coast often means relocating to New York City. But unlike the West Coast, the East Coast is made up of plenty of different states, and each of these states has a personality of its own. 

Where New York is crowded and busy, states like South Carolina and Georgia tend to be relaxed and slower-paced. 

There is also a pretty significant political divide between the Northeast states and the Southeast states. 

And just like the weather is very different from west to east, it also varies north to south on the East Coast. States like Georgia and Florida are known for long, hot summers and even pretty warm winters. But in the northern states like New York and the rest of the Northeast, you’re likely to see a lot of snow. 

Each coast has its own culture

If you’ve lived on the West Coast for any amount of time, you know that the culture is very laid-back and easy-going. The LA “surf’s up” mentality isn’t all too prevalent in the major parts of the East Coast.

Most people are constantly moving, hustling, and working, especially in larger cities like Atlanta, Philadelphia, and New York. Residents are all about business and the bustle of everyday life, which you should consider when relocating. 

Final thoughts

Moving from the West Coast to the East Coast can be quite an adventure, especially if you make a road trip out of it. But it can also feel overwhelming. Do plenty of research and plan well before embarking on this new chapter in your life. 


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