New quotation way of the injection molding industry

Price management is a very important content in enterprise sales management—prices throughout the production and operation of enterprises. The same goes for plastic injection molding quote management.

With the development of society, the enterprise for the price management of this aspect of the demand also increases, the enterprise price management can optimize the enterprise management, improve the enterprise market competitiveness, enterprise economic benefits, and reduce the cost of enterprise products, so the price management is very important.

What is CRM?

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. To put it simply, CRM is a continuous process of enhancing communication with customers, understanding their needs, and improving products and services to meet their needs.

CRM focuses on communication with customers, and the operation of enterprises is customer-centered, rather than the traditional product-centered or market-centered. To facilitate communication with customers, CRM can provide customers with various communication channels.

Quotation management is an important link in the CRM customer relationship management system.

The disadvantages of traditional quotation management

Traditional quotation management’s lack of process management may lead to many problems and give customers a bad impression. If the enterprise does not manage the quotation, the following issues will occur:

1. Repeat quotation 

There is no relevant customer record in the system for some potential customers, leading to business staff constantly offering quotations to these potential customers for various reasons. Moreover, the information communication between salespeople is not smooth, leading to different quotations for the same product, leaving a bad impression on customers.

2. No follow-up quotation 

Lack of effective follow-up work after the quotation, resulting in sales manager or other management personnel do not know why the customer rejected the quotation.

3. The sales process is not smooth 

Quotation link is throughout many project activities, from the quotation to generate sales orders or to the customer, the quote is just a few points in the quotation link. If only these links are used in the quotation management, but it is ignored, and the combination of other processes can not be linked through the quotation process.

The advantages of the CRM system

A good quotation management system can help enterprises in all aspects of the same situation and improve the company’s efficiency.

1. Support the function of providing a quotation to customers quickly 

A quotation needs to be reviewed by the management staff to confirm whether the quote is reasonable and correct. The approved quote can be taken out with the customer next time to place an order, saving the time for business personnel to establish a quotation and making the customer’s quotation management more standardized.

2. Separate quotation management for each customer 

Manage each customer record, including quotation number, quotation date, quotation amount, product number, name, specifications, unit price, quantity, etc., and the content can be customized.

3. Unified management 

A unified quotation platform can connect customers’ early commitment, customer quotation, and final order price to correspond and restrain each other. Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and unified quotation management solves price differences between sales opportunities, quotations, and orders.

Aria is a leading injection molding manufacturer in China. Since its founding in 2011, Aria has been focusing on high-quality injection molding services. In order to make up for the shortcomings of traditional quotation management. In September 2021, Aria launched its new rapid prototyping online CRM. Deployed at, customers can quickly get an injection molding quote by simply uploading 3D drawings to the platform.


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