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New TikTok Features that Catches the User’s Attention

TikTok is famous for launching new features frequently. It analyzes its users and makes changes to its application. Thus, it continues to update consistently. Hence, TikTok can sustain its user base and drive new users. Though it has been years since TikTok was introduced, it can keep up its position as a central social platform. However, it still looks afresh due to the alterations it frequently makes according to the current trends. Recently, TikTok has added a few new features to its application which are expected to enhance the user experience. This article will throw light on the new features from TikTok that can catch the user’s attention.    

Paymetoo on The Incorporation of Share Play:  

Apple users can share screens through Share Play in FaceTime. Apple has enabled this possibility in its latest update. It is a known fact that the popularity of TikTok is souring consistently among TikTok users. So, the incorporation of this feature will give a better experience to the users. Now, an iOS user can watch TikTok videos together with his friend staying far away. Such facilities will fuel the engagement of the TikTok videos as the users are allowed to buy tiktok likes fast delivery packages from leading paid service companies. Due to the incorporation of SharePlay, iPhone users can interact while watching the video during FaceTime.

Moreover, interacting about the watching video provides a better experience to the users. It will take the engagement to the next level. Paymetoo states that enabling this feature will bring the TikTok users much closer to the application. 

During this time of the pandemic, countries may go into lockdown anytime. Hence, the internet will become the only mode of communication among people. The Apple users who can use SharePlay on TikTok may spend the most time on this application during those times. During lockdowns, people try to stay in touch with the outside world as they get locked inside homes. Hence, most probably, they give importance to SharePlay enabled TikTok as they can communicate with friends while watching. You all know that applications like Zoom exploded only during the pandemic. So, if the screen sharing feature from TikTok gets expanded to Android phones, it may level up the application’s engagement further. 

The Testing of TikTok Stories:

TikTok has recently announced that it is testing a stories-like feature in its application. If you are a usual social media user, all the major applications have stories section features. So, we should wait and see how special TikTok’s stories section is than that of others. Recently, it has introduced the feature to limited TikTok users. Based on the response it gains from these users, it is expected to do alterations to the feature and introduce it globally. TikTok’s recent move to launch the stories section has raised the eyebrows of other social platforms. Hence, the speculations on the launch of the TikTok Stories has become a significant topic in the social media world.   

Competitors of TikTok should be well-prepared to face the competition if it introduces the Stories section globally. TikTok is giving tough competition to other tech giants such as Facebook and Twitter. These applications consider the stories section as one among the many features that help them to maintain their user base. So, if TikTok also introduces the stories section, then its user base will rise furthermore. As per the recent survey, TikTok has over one billion monthly active users. It has a good user base across many countries. Hence, it is considered as one of the potential social platforms to do marketing efficiently. Many B2C brands are doing their marketing only through TikTok. Paymetoo says that if the Stories section gets launched, the application will gain much more marketing importance. It also raises the user base of this application further in the coming years. It is said that TikTok may come up with innovations for the TikTok stories in the future. Hence, TikTok stories are going to pass jitters to the other social platforms in the coming times. 

The Stability of TikTok:

TikTok is regarded as one of the stable social platforms we have today. The user base of this application has been upward since it was launched globally in 2016. It grew as a competitor to major tech giants Facebook and Twitter. Though TikTok has faced many lawsuits all these years, it has surpassed them successfully and stands tall as a significant social application. It also faced a ban from a few countries. Then, it learned a lesson, and now it is free of controversies. Thus, TikTok had to face many hurdles all these years. However, it surpassed them successfully. This characteristic to raise back stronger makes it run without giving up all these years. 

Wrapping Up:   

TikTok is one of the social platforms that have a solid user base across all the countries. Hence, the launch of the new features will help it to withstand its user base. As a result, TikTok may gain massive growth than expected in the coming years. So, both brand marketers and Influencers should focus on this application.  


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