Occasions To Wear Custom Men’s Jewelry

Good jewelry brings out the best in you, is long-lasting, and is reliable. If you wear it to the right occasion, jewelry can amp up your overall style. Custom mens jewelry can transform an outfit as it adds a touch of personalization when dressing for all kinds of events. Let’s discuss custom mens jewelry and which pieces would be suitable for different occasions.

Formal Dinner or Engagement Party

If you have a dinner date, a formal party, or some sort of ceremony, it wouldn’t hurt to add little bling to your look. There are several options of custom jewelry that you can put on for these special occasions. 

The options vary from men’s bracelets and cufflinks to pins, engagement rings, and more. These are ideal for men who want to include jewelry in their style but want to keep it simple. Your attire or suit will look stunning, and the custom pieces will make great conversation points.

Use cufflinks and tie pins if you want subtle accessorizing. Cufflinks are worn with a shirt specifically made for them, usually a double cuff shirt or a French cuff. 

Wear single cuffed shirts with cufflinks for a white tie. Combination cuffs, usually button cuffs with two buttonholes, can be worn with cufflinks for a casual setting. 

If you want people to focus more on your jewelry, pair your outfit with bracelets and chains. Get several minimalistic chains or a bold chain to create a layered look

When in doubt, a custom ring is always a good choice. For formal engagements or dinners, a ring on your hand will be noticed during toasts and handshakes. Gemstones or different kinds of metal can make the simple touch all your own.

Office or Work

Workplaces or offices have different dress codes, from formal to casual, depending on the environment of the industry. When choosing custom jewelry for the office, consider two main categories: ornamental and functional.

Ornamental pieces include earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and lapel pins. You can customize these through a professional jeweler to add a personal touch to any outfit. A meaningful gemstone, timepiece, or necklace pendant can be the perfect accent for your outfit from day to day. 

Functional pieces include tie clips, shirt studs, collar retainers, and cufflinks. These can also be customized, but they are more subtle. Functional pieces are incorporated into the clothing you would normally wear to work; they simply add a bit of flare. 

Custom watches are also great jewelry for the office. They come in different styles, from athletic casual to classic formal. They’re also a classy way to look professional and intentional in your appearance.

Movies, Shopping, or Coffee Dates

Experiment with different styles and accessories when dressing casually for shopping, coffee dates, or movies. Recreational activities offer you the scope of going all-out with bling or keeping it minimalistic with an item or two.

For example, you can customize the details of the ring to match a theme you have in mind. Choose from an array of stones, metals, and sizes to match your outfit’s color and style. Whatever style of ring you choose, and if you choose more than one, wear the rings on one hand for a neat, clean look. Also, consider choosing materials and colors that would complement the majority of your wardrobe. Keep it versatile.

Another option would be to match several chains for a contemporary look. If you wear a thick chain, complement it with smaller chains. When wearing multiple small chains, contrast them with a top that has a high or low neckline. If you have pierced ears, wear a graphic t-shirt and long earrings to create a street-style look.


When attending a wedding, the aim is to be respectful and not upstage the main participants. A formal dress code is a common request in many wedding invitations, anywhere from business casual to suit and tie. Keep your accessories minimalistic yet classy, then complement them with a white shirt, muted tie, and a dark suit.

A leather or metal bangle option in a double wrap or single band matches well with a suit. Items like these will provide a simple touch and add some a formal outfit. A bracelet peeking beneath your shirt sleeve adds a thoughtful touch to your outfit without upstaging the hosts.


Get-togethers are more comfortable and relaxed social events. The attendees know each other and have a common bond. The dress code is typically casual or business casual. Custom necklaces are perfect for either kind of get-together.

Necklaces for men tend to be rough or rugged around the edges and less showy than formal glitz. When wearing a necklace, keep it basic and classic to avoid overdoing the look. A silver or gold chain that’s short and thin looks effortlessly cool, especially paired with a nice, solid-colored t-shirt. You can also tuck part of the necklace into the collar of your shirt for a more subtle look.

There are also ways to customize a watch so that it is visually striking but smaller in size. Watches with thinner bands and smaller faces can blend well with an outfit for a variety of occasions.

Look for the Best Custom Mens Jewelry Store

First, identify the type of jewelry you want. Find a store with a wide selection of custom mens jewelry. Prioritize a store that makes custom jewelry to match your specifications. They should be willing to add initials or names to specific types of jewelry. With high-quality options, you can easily find the perfect jewelry for any occasion.


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