Overbite Braces: How Does It Work? – Full Explanation

An overbite braces which can also be called buck teeth is the misalignment of your teeth, due to the extension of your top front teeth going beyond the bottom front teeth. Slight overbite is a common phenomena amongst people and it doesn’t require treatment. However, severe overbite requires treatment because if left unattended can lead to tooth decay, jaw pain or gum disease. 

When your upper dental arch extends far beyond the teeth of your lower dental arch, then you need a proper orthodontic treatment. Overbites can be caused by your genetic configuration, abnormalities in your jawbone, or bad chewing habits. 

I’m sure you already know that braces can be used to straighten your teeth, but do you know that dental braces can also fix overbites? Today’s post will help you better understand and the mechanism used by braces to fix an overbite. It’s crucial that if you’re seeking professional help that you only visit reputable orthodontists in Maroubra

How to fix an Overbite with Braces

Applying braces is an effective way to correct your overbite. Before getting, the orthodontist will take an x-ray scan of your jaw to determine what type of overbite you’re suffering from in order to recommend the correct for you. After ascertaining the required braces treatment you need, then the orthodontist can install them.

Installing the braces involves fastening metal brackets to your teeth and connecting the brackets with a wire to straighten your teeth. Once your teeth have been completely straightened, fixing the overbite will commence. The orthodontist will add springs, rubber bands, and coils to so to help shift the jawline with extra force. Treating overbite using braces can take six months to 2years. Invisalign can also be used to align your teeth. Invisalign uses a series of transparent devices applied over your upper and lower teeth which applies increased force on your teeth to adjust and straighten the teeth.

How long do I need to wear Overbite Braces?

Every individual has his/her unique condition and hence, requires different treatment processes. There is no rule or law on how long an individual should be on while undergoing an overbite treatment. Usually, overbite treatment using lasts between 6 months to 2 years. However, severe cases of overbite may require a longer period to successfully treat the overbite. Some overbites are commonly combined with other dental crises like overcrowding, which will require more time to treat both conditions. Your orthodontist may recommend a retainer after your braces treatment, ensure you wear it to keep your teeth from shifting out of position. Remember to take proper care of your braces during treatment to achieve long-lasting results.

What type of Braces is best to treat Overbite?

Traditional overbite are regarded as the standard needed to correct severe overbites and overjets. They can also be used to correct crooked teeth, crowded teeth, or a misaligned jaw. Traditional braces are made from metal or ceramic materials, they are not removable at home. They are usually worn for 1-3 years, and during that period your orthodontist will adjust and tighten every month.

When you’re ready to fix your overbite, you can visit this dentist in Henderson so they can provide different options for your situation. 


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