Overhead Pass And Other Passes In Basketball

Basketball is a team game, and therefore, learning and improving on passing the ball can boost the team’s performance on the court. The success of a basketball team depends on how well players work together. However, if you don’t have access to a physical basketball hoop or a court, you can show your love for the game by downloading basketball games to play online.

Online basketball games are straightforward, and the rules are easy to learn. You don’t have to worry about dribbling the ball to the basket, tackling other players, or passing the ball to your teammates. It is a one-player game where you aim for the basket and shoot. You can even play multiplayer games where your opponents will try to do the same but not on the same virtual court. You can participate in tournaments for intense battles that fetch you real-world rewards.

Nonetheless, if you love the game, you’ll want to learn about the different passes used during the game. If you ever decide to head to the basketball court, knowing about the following passes will help you win.

The Overhead Pass

The overhead pass is used when you’re passing the ball to a defender whose hands are down. It is excellent for outlet passes, skip passes across the court, or feed a post.

The pass is executed in the following ways:

  •  The passer must start with the ball above the forehead, and the elbows must face the target. The ball mustn’t be brought behind the back as it can be taken away, and also, it would take longer to throw the pass.
  • It would help if you gripped the ball with your thumbs on the ball’s back and fingers pointing upward.
  • You can even rotate the arms downward, so your elbows graze your ribs.
  • The overhead pass is aimed toward the partner’s forehead, and when you throw the ball, it must be received at chin level.

The Chest Pass

The chest pass is considered the most effective and efficient pass for ball movement. It will get the ball to your teammate when there is no defender in the passing line.

Here’s how to execute this pass:

  • The chest pass begins at the passer’s chest, and the ball is caught by the receiver using the chest.
  • The ball’s flight must be direct, and it shouldn’t have much of an arc. The passer’s hands must follow through chest high.
  • For a successful chest pass, you must pay attention to your elbows. The elbows must be close to the body and not fly out. If your elbows stick out, your hands will be forced to rotate incorrectly, and the strength and accuracy of the pass will be reduced.

The One-Hand Push Pass

The one-hand push pass is used to pass the ball under the player’s arms or move it past a defender. It can be a bounce pass or a direct pass.

You can execute the one-hand push pass in the following way:

  • In the one-hand push pass, the passer must aim to bounce the ball between himself and the receiver at about 2/3rd of the distance.
  • The ball should be received in the waist area, and the pass must be pushed outward.
  • When passing on the left side of the body, you need to use the left hand to pass the ball. Use the right hand to pass on the right side.

The Bounce Pass

The bounce pass is used at the end of a fast break. You can use the bounce pass when you’re passing to your teammate in the post or want to make a backdoor cut. It is most effective when it starts with a pass fake or shot fake up high. It is used when you need to pass the ball under the defender’s hands when their hands are up.

You can execute the bounce pass in the following way:

  • Aim to bounce the ball 2/3rd the distance between yourself and the receiver.
  • The receiver must hold the ball at the waist, and you need to push the ball outward, not throw it down.
  • The pass starts at the waist, with the passer’s arms extending out to the spot where the ball is expected to bounce. The pass must not start overhead or from the chest.

The Baseball Pass

The baseball pass is used to make a long pass to the receiver down the court. It is a difficult pass and quite hard to control.

To execute this pass, you must know the following:

  • The baseball pass in basketball is thrown like a baseball. It is a difficult pass, and players usually face difficulty controlling the ball. It would help if you generated a lot of strength to throw the ball far and accurately.
  • With the throwing hand behind, the passer must face the target sideways.
  • The passer’s body weight must begin on the back foot, and you need to place two hands on the ball to fake the ball or stop the pass.
  • The pass begins with the ball behind the passer’s ears, and the opposite arm must be extended and should point toward the target.
  • The fingers must be spread out behind the ball, and then the ball must be brought forward by stepping with the opposite foot and leading with the elbow.

So, these are a few of the basketball passes that every player must learn to augment the team’s performance on the court.


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