Path of Exile 3.20 The Forbidden Sanctum Expansion That Worth Fighting For

As Path of Exile players, one of the most exciting things currently is I can preach a good news that we finally got a wonderful Balance Manifesto, that will restore some hope for the 3.20 expansion, named “The Forbidden Sanctum”! Archnemesis is being massive overhaul. For the first time, at least as far as I’m concerned, I’m very confident about Path of Exile’s future, so let’s go into the reasons.

First thing I want to say is Grinding Gear Games did give their reasoning behind all Archnemesis, and the reasoning is good talking about how it’s overly complex. For example, It was meant to have clearer mod names, but you couldn’t actually tell what they did, which was kind of a mistake. Now they’re going to be more descriptive of what they actually do, and the mods themselves are going to be much much simpler.

Let’s start off with the probably the most important one mod, there is one specific thing the example they use here is Magma Barrier, now when you think of Magma Barrier doing, only one thing you’re probably think is all of that stuff where it dealing fire damage, and has fire resistance. Now, all this other crazy stuff that you can’t tell under the name has gone, and it’s just the original magma barrier effect. It’s going to be just the damage absorption of Magma Barrier, the Volatiles is going to be an entirely separate effect. So, in order to have base Magma Barrier effect that you have now, you need to buy poe currency and roll two distinct mods on the same monster, and neither of them are gonna come with the extra fire damage, extra fire resistance, physical damage reduction or whatever continuing from there.

On the other hand, mods are gonna have very simple names again, they have examples here where Incendiary was six properties admittedly, now it’ll have ignites fire, ignite resistance, extra crits etc., which honestly is very similar to what we had in the old system. Now you also have the newer interesting mods like Magma Barrier, Mana Siphoner etc., those are going to like an individual mod, that doesn’t apply any other effects. That’s a huge deal because those are going to be cool, and they have the potential to be scary still, but how often they’re going to be scary, that’s going to be another story.

Additionally, they’ve solved the rewards situation in kind of a unique way, which would bring lots of impacts on POE Currency. I believe the whole Path of Exile currency market will change a lot due to this update.

Meanwhile, I want to indicate this might have been the best way to do for the rewards updating. There’s now a reward mod, or rather there are hidden reward mods. What these mods do is they take the effects that we had before, and they apply it to an enemy independent of their actual Archnemesis mods. This is really important because when that happens, more or less you do not know what it is. If you are Magic Finding all the time, you’re going to get that occasional huge loot. On the other hand if you’re not magic finding all the time, you can get a better magic find setup to maximize the gain, but it is not necessary. So when you have something like that, the big issue is that you can do it so you’re supposed to do it. But now you can’t do it so you don’t have to do it, that’s how it works, probably sounds insane to a lot of people, I think if you’ve played the game for a little while, you will understand what I’m trying to express.

So it’s a bonus you can get, but it’s not a currency bonus you can determine, and that makes it fine at least in theory, I suppose when we play we could find something else goes wrong, like POE 3.20 currency farming and trading.

Finally, they outline some other benefits of the changes, specifically things like spawning volatiles or ground effects are going to be rarer, because the mod pool is that much bigger. But think of how they nerfing crafting indirectly where the mod pool becomes bigger, and then you can’t get the mods that you want.

By the way I think there was some talks about the last Balance Manifesto which I didn’t cover this time, because honestly it is not the most exciting Manifesto. There were some changes and slightly easier way to get ailment resistance if you needed it, which I actually liked. I don’t think that the extra mods on Jewels are going to be that bad I guess, it depends on how common they are.

Overall, this Manifesto about Archnemesis is some of the best news, most exciting news, most encouraging news about Path of Exile 3.20 expansion. I believe New league is going to feel good and I think everyone should know that and be excited for it.


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