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PDFBear: The Superior Converter of PDF to Word Online

The good thing about living in the digital age is that every question is just one Google away. If you want to edit a PDF containing a long text composition, you need a converter to make it possible. Google will provide you with a long list of converters ranging from web-based tools, applications, and software. If you differentiate each of them, you will realize that web-based tools are the best options because they do not require too much of your time, money, and effort.

You might feel overwhelmed by the wide range of websites available today. You are probably having a hard time choosing just one to convert your PDF to Word. If you are after an online tool with an easy-to-use interface and quick conversion process, then PDFBear is the perfect solution.

Why does PDFBear stand out in the competition?

Nowadays, PDFBear is one of the most popular tools to use in solving PDF-related problems faced by people from various industries. Entrepreneurs, students, teachers, and other professionals use it whenever they need to convert PDF to Word online. Below are some of the reasons why it stands out in the competition. After reading them, you will be enlightened about why most people, regardless of occupation, prefer to use PDFBear instead of other converters.

  1. Easy process of converting PDF to Word

There is no easier process of converting PDF to Word other than the one provided by PDFBear. It streamlined the conversion to ensure that you can complete it in just a few minutes. Additionally, it is very straightforward, saving you from encountering any difficulties. It will only require you to click a few buttons to successfully turn your PDF to Word. There is no need to ask for help from professionals just to perform the conversion. Aside from that, it does not involve complicated instruction. The website ensures that it is user-friendly by listing the four-step process just below the toolbox. As a result, you will not feel lost and confused when using it.

  1. Conversion will not take a long time to complete

The website has an effortless converter that will not take a long time to complete the entire process. Despite operating quickly, it will not compromise the accuracy of the document. It will contain the same text, paragraphs, fonts, and formatting that you saw in the original PDF file. They look the same and the only difference is that they are in different file formats.

  1. Works on any platform

Since PDFBear operates through the Cloud system, it will work perfectly on any platform for as long as you have a stable internet connection. You can access it for conversion purposes using any operating system, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Aside from that, it will also work smoothly with any kind of browser like Google Chrome and Opera. It is also not strict with the type of device you are using. Hence, you don’t have to borrow a laptop from your sibling just to avail yourself of its services.

Converting PDF to Word in just a glance

Search for using your preferred browser. On the home page, find the PDF to Word converter and click it. It will lead you to another web page containing your chosen converter. You can upload the PDF file using the manual or drag-and-drop options. Once you click the convert now button, a loading meter will appear on your screen. You have to wait for a couple of minutes before you can download the converted Word document. Don’t forget to save it on your device before it gets permanently deleted from the server. You may also take advantage of the shareable link generated by the online converter. It aims to make online file transfer faster and more convenient. Tell your friends, colleagues, and family members to utilize it as a way of supporting the website. 

What tools can you enjoy with PDFBear?

  1. Repair PDF

PDFBear is a superior website because it is not only capable of converting PDF to Word but also repairing corrupted or damaged documents. If you have this kind of file stuck in your local storage, you might want to make it accessible again. To fix it, you may use the repair PDF tool of the website that comes with a four-step process that you can complete in no time. It will try to recover the content as fast as possible. However, you have to manage your expectations because sometimes, digital files are unrecoverable already because of the severe damage. 

  1. Encrypt PDF

Today, plagiarism is rampant despite telling people that it is punishable by law. It is heartbreaking not to receive the credit that you deserve for creating the content of a digital file. To save yourself from encountering copyright issues, it is best to use the encryption tools offered by the website. The first option is to encrypt passwords on your files to prevent unauthorized persons from viewing the content. Make sure to include a capital letter, small letter, numbers, and symbols so that hackers can’t easily guess it. Another method is by adding watermarks on all the pages to claim ownership. The type of watermark depends on your preference.

  1. Split PDF

A lot of people hate to manage large files because they occupy a huge portion of their local storage. Aside from that, you can’t successfully send them using online platforms, including Gmail. To solve this issue, you might want to use the split PDF pages, which will extract them into multiple small files. As a result, attaching them to email or sharing them via the internet becomes possible.  

In Conclusion

You can never go wrong with PDFBear as it has a free, quick, and accurate conversion process. A lot of converters are having a hard time matching their features and functionalities. It is the tool that you must use whenever you are beating a deadline. While the free account is already beneficial, you might want to experience additional perks by becoming a Pro subscriber. Try out PDFBear for yourself today!



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