Personal skills that can make you a great slot player

Slots are the simplest casino game there is, this lulls some newbies into a false sense of security that winning on the slots is easy. You can play slots such as Chilli Heat Slots with a very small initial investment but in reality, spinning the reels can be one of the fastest ways to lose your money. To be a great slot player you want to minimise risk and maximise enjoyment, you can do this by developing slots skills and strategies.

How do the slots work?

If you’re thinking about playing the slots the first thing you should do is make sure you understand how they work.

·         Slot machines have three or more “reels”

·         Each reel has a number of symbols, up to 256 per reel on online slots.

·         Each slot will have set pay lines, for example some may have one winning pay line across the middle of the screen.

·         A Random number generator determines whether you win or lose each time you activate a spin.

It’s very simple to start playing the slots, you deposit money, select the slots you like and start spinning, but not so easy to be good at playing them.

Strategies for playing the slots

When a player is new to playing the slots, it is recommended that that they implement strategies to minimise risks and maximise enjoyment. 

Slots Strategies How It works
Select your bankroll and stick to it This is the most important skill for slots play.New players should always decide on a fixed amount to gamble with for each slots session and stick to it.
Only play slots with fixed maximums Fixed jackpots slots pay out smaller but far more frequently than progressive slots.Progressive slots are fun to play, but you should not always be chasing the biggest jackpots. It’s an expensive strategy.
Look out for low variable slots Low variance = less risky. Choosing these slots, players can expect lower but more frequent pay outs.
Avoid Autoplay Autoplay is a feature that is available of most modern slots. This is the fastest way to lose your bankroll! Avoid them.
Know when to quit It’s also important to have a strategy to ending your slots session.Players should set a target and if that target is reached within the set bankroll, withdraw those winnings.

All great slots players will incorporate more than one of these strategies when playing the slots. Sticking to these strategies and not getting carried away with the excitement of the game, the graphics and the music is an essential skill that will enhance your gaming experience in the longer term.

What makes a great slot player?

Great slots players are realistic and responsible gamblers. They play for enjoyment, not to make money, that’s a bonus! They minimise risks and maximise enjoyment by managing their bankrolls and stick to set sensible slots strategies. When you’re a new slot player you should aim to hone these skills and ALWAYS play with licensed slots operators.


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