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Pillowcase Fabric : How Much Do I Really Need?

Making pillowcases sounds like a fun project. At the same time, if you’re a rookie in sewing, it’s the easiest thing to tackle. You can use whatever combination of colors and patterns you choose. The colors and designs are enjoyable. 

To make a pillowcase, you will need fabric. Measure the size of the pillow, which is usually a rectangle. Add an inch or so for seams. Also, add three inches for folding the open edge. You can cut the fabric accordingly. Once you have the material and measurements, you can start sewing the pillowcase. To get a well-fitted cover, you should cut the hem slightly smaller than the size of the pillow.


Yard Of Fabric

A yard of fabric is the length of a bolt of cloth, which is usually 36 inches or 3 feet long. You can use a yard of material for a single pillow or two pillows. You should use a meter for every two standard pillowcases. A king-sized pillowcase is a little larger than a standard-sized one and will require more fabric. King-size pillows are usually used for luxury hotel bedrooms. It is usually 36 to 41 inches wide. Depending on the size of your pillow, you may need more or fewer yardages.


What Is The Best Way To Measure Fabric For Pillowcases?

When making a pillowcase, the first thing you should do is measure your pillow. It’s because you’ll be able to estimate how much cloth you’ll need this way. The following are the steps for measuring material for a pillow cover:

Step 1: Double-check that your pillow fill is evenly stuffed and fluffed.

Step 2: Next, make a note of the overall size of your cushion.

Step 3: Take a measuring tape or any other gadget and hold it in your hand. Make your way beneath the cushion. Then, from one end to the other, wrap it loosely.

Step 4: Divide the total measurement by 2 to get the fabric requirement for one side. As a result, you have measures for both the front and back.

Step 5: Add an inch to the total measurement to account for seam allowances. That’s an extra half-inch on both sides.

Now, if you want your figure in yards, you’ll need to take one more step. All you have to do is multiply the figure by 36. And you get the exact amount of fabric you’ll need in terms of yards. Make sure you measure both sides at the same time. You can do this by securing the measuring tape at a place that is neither too tight nor too loose. Your pillow cover will become shorter if you grip it too tightly. However, the garment will be baggy and unfitting if the measurements are too loose.


How To Know The Fabric Amount For Your Pillow


To make a pillowcase, you need to measure the dimensions of your pillow. A 20-inch pillow, for example, will require approximately half a yard of fabric. A twenty-four-inch pillow will need a half-yard of fabric. For a forty-four-inch pillow, you will need a full yard of fabric. For a 45-inch pillow, you will need a half-yard of material. To make a cushion cover for a couch or sofa, you will need a full yard of fabric.


There is no standard size of bed comforters but they have some standard sizes in pillows. To make a pillowcase, you will need to take measurements of the pillow. The standard pillow is approximately twenty inches by twenty-six inches. A standard pillowcase should have a width of two inches and thirty-five by three-five by four inches. The pillowcase should have room for a border, piping, and seaming. It should be forty-five inches wide by thirty-five inches.



You should also know what size pillow you are making. A 20-inch pillow requires about a half-yard of fabric. A 24-inch pillow needs about a half-yard of material. For a 45-inch pillow, you will need about four and a half yards. The piping will require approximately two-thirds of a yard of fabric. To make a square pillow, you need one half-yard of cloth. 

You can choose a high-quality material; a good thread count for sheets indicates that they are good quality.A yard of fabric will measure 36 inches by three feet. The standard pillowcase fits a standard, queen, or super-standard pillow. However, a king pillowcase will be more comprehensive and will require a fabric of at least thirty-six to forty-one inches in width. A king-size pillow will need a full yard of fabric. Once you have a yard of fabric, you will have enough for two standard pillows. The dimensions of a regular pillow are 20 inches wide by 26 inches long. However, when constructing a pillow cover, the actual pillow size is irrelevant. Instead, you’ll need more than double the amount of fabric.



The fabric yardage calculator provides the information you need to make a pillowcase. Using a fabric yardage chart, you can determine how many inches you will need for a standard-sized square pillow. A basic-size square pillowcase will require about a quarter yard of fabric. Similarly, a queen-size pillowcase will require around one-quarter yard of fabric. If you use a standard pillowcase pattern, you can also buy a king-size pattern.

The fabric yardage for a pillowcase depends on the shape and style of the pillow. If the pillow is made of an envelope-style pillow, you need to use 3.5 yards of fabric. Otherwise, if you’re making an envelope-style pillow, you’ll need at least four and a half yards of fabric. To make an envelope-style pillowcase, you’ll need 2.3 yards of fabric.



When sewing a pillowcase, you will need a yard of fabric for a standard size. A standard pillowcase is roughly 22.5 inches by 31.5 inches. The width of a pillowcase will be approximately three inches. In this case, you need one yard of 45-inch-wide fabric for a single pillow. To make a king-size pillowcase, you’ll need two yards of material.



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