Pokemon Cards and Go: Creating Nostalgia for the Next Generation

Pokemon cards have been many Australian children’s first stewardship. They used to cherish those cards so dearly that even the tiniest bend or tear would compel them to take a trip to the game store to buy fresh ones. This process has now become easy, with enthusiasts being able to buy Pokemon cards online. What’sWhat’s more; they are available as collectibles.

Pokemon was first released in Australia in late 1988. The anime, the cards, and other games have been a part of every 80s and 90s kid’s childhood. With the revival of Pokemon Go, it has become a part of the current generation’s childhood. Today, nearly one in two Australians, including children and adults, have played Pokemon Go. Regardless of an individual’s stance, one cannot deny the cultural impact on the past few generations, shaping their social lives and play. With more and more children opting to play a variation of Pokemon, parents might wonder if there is more to it than sheer fun and games.

Four Ways Pokemon Teaches Children Life Skills

Playing Pokemon Go Encourages Kids to Step Outside

During the era of VR games, Xbox and PS5, many children spend most of their time on the couch playing video games. As engaging as they are, these games also make the children physically inactive and unhealthy. Playing Pokemon Go urges them to step outside as they chase the virtual creatures all around the neighborhood. The game challenges children of all ages and adults and encourages them to use their muscles and physically put effort to win the game.

Card Games Encourage Critical Thinking in Children

Due to its complexity, many 90s children would have collected all the cards but not learned to play the game. The current generation of parents can buy Pokemon cards online, teach their children the game’s rules, and encourage them to play it. If the child is trying to collect the rare cards, then it is worth challenging them to learn to play with the cards. It fosters critical thinking, decision making, and social skills among them. They also play with their friends in different scenarios. Calculating the scores and counting the cards also enhance the mathematical skills of children.

Pokemon Encourages Camaraderie Among Children

According to Roy Morgan’sMorgan’s Young Australian Survey conducted in 2016, 1 in 5 Aussie kids below 13 thought that Pokemon was excellent, and they played the game with their friends. It increased with Pokemon Go, the GPS-based augmented game that brought groups together as they searched for rare Pokemon. Pokemon Go Fests also happen worldwide, which provides an opportunity for enthusiasts to connect with people from different cultures.

Pokemon Fosters Children’sChildren’s Imagination

As children watch anime, play cards or play Pokemon Go, they use their imagination to place themselves seeking and acquiring them in real life. As they look for rare Pokemon like Charizard, they imagine it towering over them up in the air. Or they may imagine walking up to Professor Oak to pick their Squirtle. For the better part of the previous few generations, Pokemon anime, card games, video games, and VR have had the children daydreaming about having their adventures with friends in exotic locations. Pokemon thus encourages children to use their imagination.

Pokemon is a creative way parents can foster these skills and simultaneously share the nostalgia with their children with a game that they all love.


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