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Questions To Ask A Diamond Dealer in Dallas

Before purchasing a diamond there are things that you need to know. One of the ways you can know more about diamonds is by asking questions from your diamond dealer, but before you can do that you have to choose the right diamond dealer in your area. You can find many wholesale diamond dealers in Dallas and most of them have a good reputation which makes it harder for you to choose. So be a wise buyer and know more about them so you can pick one to deal with. 

Is he/she already established in the business?

Ask them how long have they been in the diamond industry and can measure if they have been doing good in the business. Diamond dealers who have been selling diamonds for years can be proven to be experts when it comes to recommending the right diamond for you. Being able to run the business for a long period means they have good products and good customer service. 

How many years has he/she been in the jewelry business?

Ask the number of years of their business, most diamond dealers reveal the years of their business on their online platforms so people can easily evaluate them. You can also verify this by reading feedback from previous customers since you can see the date when they made the reviews and this can give you more assurance that they are indeed doing the business for a long time already. A business that is already established can be better than a new one since they already have a reputation. 

Do any of your trusted friends know and recommend the jeweler?

Ask recommendations from people you know. Getting honest feedback can help you know if the diamond dealer you choose is indeed the best choice, getting opinions from people you know is far different from the feedback you read from the platforms. They can give your first-hand opinions that can be handy to make your final decision. 

Does the jeweler listen to you first and understand your needs and budget before making a suggestion?

When talking to a diamond dealer always observe their reactions and how they respond. Most of the time a buyer would prefer something customized since diamonds are pricey and they want to make most of the money they invest in it so they want to personalize their diamond jewelry. This can be easier if the diamond dealer knows how to listen. Choose a diamond dealer who knows how to meet your want and their best recommendation in the middle. Since they know more they still have to consider the request of their customers. 

Does the jeweler seem knowledgeable?

Another thing to observe is how much your diamond dealer knows. A diamond dealer should show knowledge of all aspects of diamonds, they have to know every detail of their diamonds and they can explain the details to their customers. As a seller, they should be able to answer all the questions related to diamonds because it is their product as well as their responsibility as a seller. 

Can he/she provide the needed certificate for each diamond or gemstone?

Diamond certification is the best proof of the authenticity of a diamond, therefore diamonds that are sold should always come with a certificate. Always ask your diamond dealer if their diamonds are certified before purchasing. Another thing to check when it comes to certification is the one who certified their diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and The American Gem Society (AGS) are the top most known and most reliable diamond evaluators, so if your diamond dealer has their diamonds certified by these two then you are sure the diamonds are indeed authentic. 

Are there other services offered by the store such as repair, resizing, cleaning, and customizing?

Ask about their services so you know if you can depend on them just in case you need changes on your purchase. You might need to have your ring resized or your jewelry is cleaned after some time and having them done in the jewelry store you bought them from can be more convenient for you. 

Always ask questions from your diamond dealer to have a clear understanding of the things you need to know before making the purchase to avoid once you already bought the diamond. 

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