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Questions You Should Ask a Solar Company Before Hiring in California

Choosing the right solar company can give you the efficiency of solar energy you are looking for. That’s why you have to set criteria to look for in a solar company before choosing one so you can pick the best among the solar providers in California. Pick a solar energy contractor in California to know who among them can give the best offer. 

What Solar Products Does Your Company Install?

Asking this question will give you an idea of what solar panels are available and offered by solar providers. Since there are different brands and kinds of solar panels, so ask them about their products so you can determine if they can provide a good solar panel system. 

Will the Panels Be On-Grid or Off-Grid?

Ask your solar company if they have an off-grid or on-grid solar panel system. On-grid systems are those connected to the electricity grid and this is the common setup. It has its own advantage such as getting backup energy just in case the energy produced by your solar panels is not enough to cover your energy needs then you can get electricity from the grid. Plus you can even benefit if you can produce excess energy that can be reverted to the grid and the electricity company can credit back to you by cash or through electricity. While off-grid will let you run your home solely with a solar panel system, it has also its own advantages as long as you invest enough solar panels to cover your whole energy need. 

Where Will the Solar Panels Be Placed?

Solar panels are commonly placed on the roof but the angles should be estimated since this can affect the efficiency of the solar energy they can collect. The type of your rooftop should be inspected so they will know the adjustments to make. Asking your solar provider this question can give you an idea if your roof can be good for solar panel installation and what methods can be applied to get more solar energy. 

How Much Power Will I Need for the Panels?

Knowing how much your solar panel will cost can help you decide if you have the budget or needs some financial options. The average cost of solar panels ranges from $17,000 to $32,000, the price depends on how many solars are needed by your home, the kind of system you will be choosing, and the brand and type of solar panels. Getting quotations from several solar providers can help you compare which of them can meet your solar needs. 

Who Will Do the Installation?

There are solar providers who have one technician and there are those who might be using subcontractors to do the job. Asking this question can give you clarification on who will be installing your solar panels, solar providers who have their technicians can be the best choice. Local solar technicians are more aware of the restrictions of your place and they have experience installing solar panels within the neighborhood which means they have the capability to install yours too. 

Have You Worked With the Local Utility Company?

Since solar panel systems can be on-grid, asking your solar provider if they have worked with a local utility company can assure you that they have done the system already. This means they have an idea and experience on how to set up the system. Solar providers need approval from the utility company when they do on-grid systems therefore asking this question can give you a clear answer that there will be no issues in the future case you choose for the on-grid system to be installed in your home. 

Do your research before getting your solar panel installation so you can pick the best solar company in California. You will be investing a big amount so better get the best solar panel so you can get the efficiency you need and have solar energy that can power your home. Starts a good investment by knowing about the solar company by asking them question that can give you clarification. 

 In that way you can land on the best solar company in California and enjoy the benefits solar energy can give you. 


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