Rapidly Grow Your Austin Audience with Billboards

Marketing and advertisement have taken on some massive new changes over the last couple of decades. The internet and access to connectivity through cell phones and smart devices have opened up opportunities for marketing and advertising departments like never before. While there are several opportunities that businesses can take to make their marketing departments successful, like SEO building, website development, and even viral marketing, some traditional options are still viable today. One of those options is the use of OOH, or out-of-home, media.


OOH media is one of the most traditional forms of marketing and advertisement that is still used to this day. This form of advertisement has been used since people have wanted to share mass messages in outdoor spaces. The most common example of OOH media is the infamous billboard. These massive signs are strategically placed in areas of high traffic and have the potential to create millions of interactions both day and night.


One of the reasons that OOH media has lasted through the years, is that even though it’s a more traditional form of marketing, it’s still highly effective. If your team has been wondering about the benefits of OOH media for a marketing campaign in the city of Austin Texas, using Austin billboards would be a great investment.

What Are the Benefits of Billboards?

Running a marketing campaign that targets a popular city like Austin Texas is quite the challenge to take. The good news is that with the right tools, you can easily make a successful marketing campaign and see incredible results. One of the reasons that people use billboards to run successful marketing campaigns in massive cities like Austin Texas, is that they are very effective at spreading brand awareness and establishing brand validity.


They do this because the benefit of a billboard is that it reaches a massive audience with little to no maintenance required. These huge signs are placed in areas of high circulation, and once the signage is fixed, the rest of the process is passive. The placement of a billboard does matter when it comes to the scope of impact and the kind of exposure that a brand wants to see.


For example, a billboard in a downtown location, stationed over a public parking lot may not see as many potential customers, but it has a better chance at a target audience. Perhaps a brand that is represented in the downtown area takes this opportunity to introduce itself to visiting potential customers. OOH media has strong benefits, however, it is a very general form of advertising that doesn’t lend itself well to targeted audiences. Using opportunities like this can be a way of honing in on a specific audience, but the sign will still be generally viewed by anyone within proximity.


If a brand was looking to maximize its potential awareness as much as possible, then stationing the billboard on the side of a busy highway in or out of Austin is the best move. Traffic creates the best and most robust amount of visibility for billboards. Once the advertisement is fixed, the billboard will passively come into contact with literally millions of potential customers both day and night.

How Much Does a Billboard in Austin Cost?

Austin Texas is one of the fastest-growing and most popular cities in the United States. This city has an enormous amount of industry and is also a growing center for the arts. The city itself has a massive population of 979,264 people and is 320 square miles in size. That puts about 306.8 people per square mile.


When it comes to pricing out any kind of OOH media, factors that will always impact the price are going to be population and popularity. With Austin being such a large, dense city, the price of OOH media will be more significant than smaller more rural locations. On average, the cost of an Austin billboard is about 5.41 thousand dollars for a four-week campaign. This price is estimated to give close to eight hundred million impressions and has a median cost of $13.80 CPM.


Austin Texas is a great place to launch an OOH media campaign. While a billboard won’t be cheap in this popular location, it’s still a cost-effective way of reaching a massive audience and spreading brand awareness on this impressive scale.



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