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Rental Guide to Top 10 Best Neighborhoods of San Francisco

If you are planning to move to San Francisco and are starting to hunt for rooms for rent, you have come to the right place! San Francisco is the land of cool summers and is a beautiful place to live. Rentals in San Francisco can be expensive, but by using a trusted platform, you can even find the best room rentals in San Francisco at an affordable price. 

The rental hunt can be tricky, and with the variety of neighborhoods in San Francisco to choose from, this can be time-consuming as well. Each neighborhood of SF is different from others and is unique in its own way. So make sure to check the top sites for house rentals to get a better point of view of where you would like to live for a while. The choice of the area best suitable for you depends on many factors. Given below are a few of these determinants:

  • Distance from your workplace/university
  • Safety
  • Public transport accessibility 
  • Community

These factors can be entirely subjective as they do differ from person to person, and you can filter the listing according to your requirements. We took care of the others and sorted out the top 10 renter-friendly neighborhoods in San Francisco.

Here are the top 10 best neighborhoods of San Francisco to start your rental hunt from:

  1. Mission District

With a diverse vibe and lined up pubs and clubs, Mission has it all for you. The vibrancy of this neighborhood in SF attracts young creative minds to the area, and in case you are a young professional, start looking for rooms for rent in Mission right away. The neighborhood is filled with like-minded people, live-music clubs, and trendsetting boutiques, restaurants, bars, and whatnot.

  1. SoMa (South Market)

SoMa, short for South Market, is typically famous for its availability of workspaces, but the area is pretty more than that. You can get the feel of the area just by a walk down the street. This neighborhood of San Francisco is the home of start-ups, amazing clubs, and high-end rentals. If you are looking for rooms for rent in SF and a job here, SoMa has got your back. The area has tons of offices, and every other person you cross is a professional walking down the street.

  1. Oceanview

Oceanview is the neighborhood choice for you if you wish to live in a peaceful, quiet, family-friendly neighborhood in San Francisco. In case you are looking for cheap rooms for rent in San Francisco, Oceanview is perfect for you as it offers some really affordable rental deals to look through while looking up rooms for rent in San Francisco.

  1. Chinatown

One of the oldest Chinatowns of the country, the area is a must to explore. 

What makes it too special? 

Well, the rentals are pretty affordable, but apart from that, Chinatown is a hub of culture, authentic Chinese food, and tons of thrift shops. The rentals in Chinatown are super affordable, and not to forget that you would always find a Chinese restaurant down the lane.

  1. Presidio

A beautiful, artistic, and indeed an architectural haven, Presidio is a family-friendly neighborhood in SF with majestic Victorian houses and an impeccable view of the Golden Gate Bridge. No doubt that the area is one of the most desirable to live in, but everything comes for a price. The magnificent view rentals can burn a hole in your pocket; try using a roommate finder in San Francisco to look for a roommate to share rent and accommodation.

  1. Downtown

The diverse and lively vibe of the area makes Downtown fit for all professionals. This is one of the best neighborhoods in SF. It is also known as the Financial District and has many corporate offices, and is indeed the city’s business hub. Since most buildings are old apartment buildings, finding rooms for rent in Downtown won’t be a hassle.

  1. Hayes Valley

Hayes Valley is the go-to place for energetic individuals and trendsetters. The area is famous for its posh restaurants, bars, and clubs. Hayes Valley has a lot to offer in terms of room rentals. Still, it would be best to have a roommate as the rentals are quite expensive due to the trendy, modern, and urban vibe that the area offers.

  1. The Castro

Castro is also known as the LGBTQ Mecca and is a beautiful neighborhood of San Francisco. The only criteria to find rooms for rent in Castro is that you have to be open to accept and enjoy the amazing, accepting feel the area has. The place makes everyone feel accepted despite any boundaries and differences.

  1. Sunset District

The Sunset District is the home to Golden Gate Park and the best Mexican food in San Francisco. It is another one of the best neighborhoods of San Francisco, where you can consider finding a suitable rental home. With ample options for room rentals to choose from, the area is your place if you are looking for affordable rental spaces in San Francisco.

  1. Laurel Heights

Lined with Victorian-style houses and tall apartment buildings, Laurel is the sweet blend of history and modern architecture at its best. If you always wished to live in a calm and peaceful neighborhood, Laurel Heights should top your list. The area has a very relaxing feel and can make anyone feel good after a long hectic day at work.

San Francisco is a diverse city and can be hard on your budget. In case you are open to commuting to and fro on a daily basis, you may even find rooms for rent in the suburbs of San Francisco. The city welcomes diverse individuals from around the globe as several tech giants such as Twitter, Visa, and Uber are headquartered here. It can get a little competitive while finding rooms for rent in San Francisco!


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