Responsibilities of an Infusion Nurse

Nurses have different specialties and one of these is infusion nurse. Just like any other specialty they have to learn and get trained to be able to have their qualifications to become one. If you are a nurse and planning to advance your career, you can consider becoming an infusion nurse. Infusion nurse jobs are also in-demand since their skills are needed in administering medications to patients as well as performing other procedures related to infusion.

What is the role of an infusion nurse?

Administer Correct Dosage to Patients

Administering the proper way and dosage is essential to make the treatment effective. As infusion nurses are trained on how much should be given to each patient, they need to also know the history of the patient to check if there are any medicines they are not allowed to take. This way they can avoid complications. 

Use Appropriate Device 

There are several devices used in IV therapy and infusion nurses are assigned to use them properly. They have to make sure to use the proper device since this can affect the medication of the patients. 

Evaluate Patient’s Response to IV therapy

Evaluation is important to know if the patient has improved and if the medication given is helping with the recovery of the patient. Through evaluation, nurses can make their reports and submit them to the medical team. Now and then evaluation is done on the patient to track their progress and changes are done if needed.

Manage and Maintain patient’s Need

All the needed procedures that are related to the infusion are done by the infusion nurse such as tubing or arterial catheters. They also go the extra mile by providing for other needs of their clients when on duty. 

What are the necessary skills for an infusion nurse?

Keen Assessment and Monitoring Skills 

Since infusion nurses are dealing with one of the delicate systems of the body they have to be very keen on making assessments and doing their job. Monitoring their patients are also important so they can observe if the medication is giving them improvement or not. 

Expert in Performing Venipuncture

Infusion nurses should be highly skilled in venipuncture since they will be doing this procedure on all of the patients they will be handling. Therefore they are experts when it comes to doing their tasks to avoid complications. 

Have Knowledge of Blood products, IV medication, and Fluids

Their knowledge and learning should always be updated in subjects that are related to their job, so they can give the proper dosage, apply the right method and know what is allowed and not when doing procedures. As an infusion nurse learning is continuous.

Knowledgeable in Infection Control Precaution 

Since the method they are using is directed to the blood, they have to make sure they do all the procedures necessary so they can avoid infections. 

What are the education requirements for an infusion nurse?

An infusion nurse should be able to finish an Associate Degree in Nursing or Bachelor of Science in Nursing, however, a graduate of a BSN course has more advantages. 

What are the benefits of being an infusion nurse?

  • Infusion Nurses can help more patients since they can be assigned to any department if they are needed. This means they can help more patients get the right medication and recover faster. 
  • They can get more opportunities since their service is needed in every healthcare facility, which means they can apply everywhere since the position is often open most of the time. 
  • They can have opportunities to grow their career by getting more training that is connected with their specialty. As they get exposed to their jobs they can also be offered some opportunities to grow their career. 
  • They can get more exposure compared with other nurses, these exposures can allow them to get the credentials they need to advance their careers. 

Being an infusion nurse can be challenging but have good benefits too. So if you are qualified start getting the job and see how it can make your career grow. But if you are not qualified yet then take the necessary steps to become one and enjoy the benefits you can get once you become an infusion nurse. 


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