Revamping Your Marketing Campaign in 3 Steps

If you’re in the middle of a stressful time at work, it’s easy to let your marketing campaigns slide. Over time, though, relaxing your focus on advertising can drive your sales and engagement numbers down. If it’s been a while since you gave your marketing materials a careful look, follow these steps to get them back on track.

1. Get Serious About Blogs

Blogs are the perfect way to engage with your followers, increase your search engine performance, and reach new customers. Finding the right keywords, focus, and audience is a long process, especially if you’re not used to online writing. Consider contracting with an agency that provides a monthly blog writing service to ensure that your content is high-quality and that it doesn’t take too long to produce.

To increase backlinks to your site, reach out to your business partners and ask if they’re willing to post your blogs on their pages. This strategy increases your audience, drives up your hit numbers, and strengthens your professional relationships. It also increases your page’s credibility with Google and other search engines. Make sure to return the favor by offering to post their content on your site.

Allow your customers to comment on your blog posts, and read and respond to their messages. Watch out for abusive language such as cursing, name-calling, and inappropriate advertising. Create community commenting guidelines so that your followers know what kind of comments will be deleted.

2. Rethink Your Social Media Presence

Once you have well-written blog posts, it’s time to share them to reach more people than your blog’s followers. Post them on all your social media platforms by adding direct links on Twitter and Facebook. On Instagram, you can’t share a working link in your post. Instead, use the Linktree feature to add new links to your bio. Monitor and respond to the comments by answering your followers’ questions, removing ones that violate your guidelines, and liking positive ones.

As you share your posts on social media, think carefully about the platforms you’re using. Facebook is a good site because people of all generations use it. If your company caters to Millenials or Generation Z, you also need to use Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Attend a professional seminar on these platforms’ business features or hire a social media coordinator if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Don’t be afraid to expand your idea of social media marketing. Host photo competitions in which you challenge followers to use your products in unique ways and tag you in their pictures. Use the number of likes each photo has to pick your winner, and then give the creator a coupon. Try the Facebook and Instagram Live features to debut your new products, answer customers’ questions, or introduce members of your staff. Every week, pick a day to use the “ask me anything” feature on your stories to interact more with your customers. The more you follow a regular posting schedule across your platforms, the better.

3. Evaluate Your Progress

If you’ve stepped up your blog writing services and social media presence, take some time to evaluate your progress. After four to six months, see how your engagement numbers are doing. Have you gained more followers on your blog and social media accounts? Do you see the same increase in traffic on your website or online orders? If your campaign isn’t as successful as you’d like, switch up your posting schedule or ask your customers for feedback. You can also reach out to a professional marketing service for guidance.

Implement these three steps to shake up your marketing strategy and reach more customers.


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