Role of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a wide range branch of computer science. By using artificial intelligence, we can build such smart devices that can work just like human beings. Norvig and Russell have explained four approaches to define AI (Artificial Intelligence). These four approaches are thinking humanly, thinking rationally, acting humanly and acting rationally. The first two approaches have a concern with the thought processes and reasoning. On the other hand, the other two approaches have a concern with the behaviour. To perform actions just like human beings, they use unique algorithms and mathematical calculations. From this Artificial Intelligence Online Course, improve your ability to develop ML and AI models efficiently. We can use artificial intelligence in almost all fields of life. Here, we will discuss the role of artificial intelligence in cybersecurity.

AI Can Identify Cyber Attacks:

In cyberspace like web platforms and high-security official websites, we have to face unexpected cyber attacks. AI is helpful for us to identify these unexpected cyber attacks. The hackers also try to use different techniques to attack the websites. If we want to save our websites from these kinds of cybersecurity attacks, we have to ensure high security for these websites. To detect these kinds of cyberattacks, we can also use artificial intelligence. As AI will provide high security to the websites, that’s why hackers can’t attack these websites. Its reason is that these websites can easily detect the unauthorized entities of hackers. The success rate of AI technology in detecting cyber-attacks is also higher.

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AI Can Prevent Cyber Attacks:

You can’t stay away from the hackers just by identifying their attacks. Along with detecting these cyber attacks, you will have to prevent your website from these attacks. Here, you can also make use of artificial intelligence. With the help of artificial intelligence, you can prevent cyber attacks in various ways. First, if you want to save your website from the attack of hackers, you will have to think just like hackers. AI can think just like hackers. After thinking just like hackers, it can easily break the security code. Secondly, hackers are using different techniques and methods to get access to your website. Now, you will have to keep an eye on these attacks of hackers. This is the best way to find out the weaker points of the hackers. For this reason, you can use various AI-based tools.

AI Can Handle Huge Volumes of Security Data:

Nowadays, if a human being is managing the security data, he has to handle the huge amount of log data. Moreover, he has to see lots of alerts in the security system. To manage such a huge amount of data is not an easy task for human beings. To handle huge volumes of security data, you can use AI-powered software. AI-powered software has powerful processors. By using these powerful processors, you can tackle the data and list the problems in minutes. To avoid cyber attacks check for real-time endpoint solutions.

AI Can Pick Out Threats in the Cyber Haystacks:

Cybercriminals are present in almost all systems. They are waiting for the right moment to complete the cyber attacks. Cybercriminals hide their activities from human beings. As a human being, it is difficult for you to detect these kinds of cyberattacks. On the other hand, if you will use AI, you will not face this kind of problem. AI technology can easily analyze the swaths of situations. After detecting the malicious activity, it will take immediate action to tackle it. Human beings will fail to detect this kind of activity. When they fail to handle this kind of activity, they can’t give a timely response to this malicious activity.

Accelerate the Detection and Response Time:

If you want to detect genuine artificial intelligence problems, you will have to speed up the detection process. You will have to cross-reference different alerts and provide sources of the security data. Human security experts can easily make calls for priorities. While making the calls for the priorities, they have to get help from the AI systems. Without AI systems, they can’t detect them. To optimize the responses, AI will also suggest some automatic plans.

Keep Up in the AI Arms Race:

As told by a dissertation help firm, if you are taking some solid measures against cybersecurity, you should know that cybercriminals are there before you. That’s why they can also use AI technology for cyber attacks. By using the latest AI-Powered tools, they can launch new cyber attacks. These cyber-attacks will more dangerous than in the past. Therefore, we can say that there an arms race of the AI against the AI. We can also utilize AI technology to win this race. You just need to rely on the latest AI technology. Moreover, you should also update it regularly.

Breathe Space For the Human Security Teams:

No doubt, human beings have launched AI. While launching the AI, they have used their imagination, experience and judgement. These AI-powered tools are enhancing security. Now, the problem is that we can’t rely on these security tools. Its reason is that cybercriminals can find out different strategies to defeat these security layers. If you want to bring advancements in AI technology, pen testing company, you will have to get an idea about the latest alerts and incidents. To get an idea about the latest alerts and incidents, we should also use AI technology. After detecting these alerts and incidents, you can take the best measures against these alerts and incidents.

Vulnerability Management:

In 2020, almost 20,362 new vulnerabilities were reported. These vulnerabilities were 18% more than the vulnerabilities in 2019. It means that the organizations have to face lots of vulnerabilities on daily basis. They have to face lots of problems in the management and prioritization of the data. If we use the traditional vulnerability database management systems, we have to spend lots of time in the management of the data. As a result, we can’t save our websites from the attacks of these hackers. The best way to save our websites against these vulnerabilities is to use artificial intelligence. AI technology can easily analyze the baseline behaviour of these vulnerabilities. After analyzing this behaviour, you can easily detect them.


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