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SaaS vs. Custom eCommerce Platforms – What’s Better for Startups

Digital media is a great place to start a company online. Do you want the greatest platform for startups to revolutionize the eCommerce sector? It might be tough to choose the correct technology stack for your eCommerce project owing to the vast availability of eCommerce solutions (such as Magento). Besides web development and design, PHP development, app development, and more, Ender tech, which is a top Magento web development company, is here for you. We will discuss SaaS vs. custom eCommerce platforms in this article. How can you know which platform is best for your new company?

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There are two primary models:

  • A customized eCommerce system (we will take Magento as a test case in this article)
  • SaaS eCommerce solutions

SaaS eCommerce Solutions

The software is sent to your company through the cloud in a ready-made manner, and you may start your business right away. The vendor takes care of the website’s setup and hosting. You may sell your items immediately by submitting them to the site. You don’t need to put any work into it. A set monthly fee is charged for hosting and payment channels, and you may begin selling on your platform on the site immediately after delivery. Besides Shopify and Big commerce, several more SaaS-based e-commerce systems are available. The pros and cons of SaaS e-commerce platforms are detailed in this article.

  • The SaaS model is best suited to small businesses with fewer than 2,000 goods on their E-Commerce website.
  • SaaS platform setup is simple and takes just a few minutes to complete.
  • It’s simple to keep up with. However, the customization choices are restricted.
  • Because the SaaS platform is not open source, there is the potential for other errors down the road.
  • Users must keep up with SaaS platform updates since if they don’t do so, they’ll face compatibility concerns.

Why Custom eCommerce Platforms Are Better SaaS eCommerce Solutions?

The ideal E-commerce platform for startups and small businesses is a tailored solution. Your firm may develop exponentially if it uses a bespoke E-Commerce platform solution. SaaS provides just a restricted set of functions, and there is no way to tailor it to your specific needs. Choosing SaaS means relying only on the provider for all of your needs. A bespoke e-commerce platform solution is an excellent option if you want to run your own company and change your e-commerce platform so that you have complete control over the design, development, and unique features of your website.

There are many pros and downsides to Custom eCommerce Platforms, but you can’t afford to limit yourself to them.

This strategy is ideal for large-scale businesses and applications that need more adaptability. Open source means you may customize the source code to suit your needs while developing a bespoke e-commerce system.

  • You may build a custom website from the ground up, or you can hire a Magento ecommerce development company that can quickly and simply create complicated codes to give your website a distinctive look and feel.
  • It takes more time to build a website from scratch than to purchase a ready-made one.
  • To do this, you need Magento developers with expertise in sophisticated programming, which will cost you more than expected.
  • Keep your website’s code, and it will come in handy in the future.
  • A wide range of items may be added, as well as a variety of unique designs that you can choose from.

It allows you to customize features and styles to your liking.


For SaaS: SaaS is an excellent option if you’re just getting started in the world of internet companies since you can learn about some methods and strategies involved in developing a website. You may start making money right away if you gain a domain name from a hosting company.

For custom eCommerce solutions: For long-term success, you may wish to consider custom software solutions if you have a large amount of money to invest. Hire a Magento website development company to help you sketch out your strategy and use open-source tools to build your site and to work on the site’s particular features.

Time Factor

For SaaS: You’ll save a lot of time, and you’ll be able to get started right away.

For custom eCommerce solutions: You’ll need at least three months to make money, and if you want extra features, it will take much longer.


For SaaS: Because of the software’s limitations, you can extend your firm to a significant extent.

For custom eCommerce solutions: It is entirely customizable, allowing you to grow your company on a huge scale.


For SaaS: Since there is a danger that your shared server may not function effectively or cannot manage severe traffic, there is the potential for a loss of money. You can’t provide a discount, custom checks, or a special deal for the holidays.

For custom eCommerce solutions: Because of their bespoke design and sturdy server and data center, you’ll be able to make more money. Combo deals, customized checkout, and special discounts may all be included.


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