Sakshi Dhoni Biography

Ever heard of the name Sakshi Dhoni? Whether this is your first time or not, here we will learn more about who this woman is, her education, family, career, and net worth.

Who is Sakshi Dhoni?

In the list of celebrities across India, Sakshi Dhoni is also one of them. The beautiful and petite Indian is only famous because she married a famous Indian cricket star. Sakshi Dhoni is referred to as a devoted and supportive woman as well as a mother.

The Indian wife loves to watch her husband play cricket. Although she loves to keep most of the things in her life private, she has been known to be a mother.

She got engaged to her current husband in 2010 and it’s the same year that they decided to make it one. Some years later they were blessed with a child who is the only one to this day.

Sakshi Dhoni is one of the few Indian women who can boast of higher education. Since he comes from a capable family, she has continued to improve in academic matters. His qualifications include a degree in hotel management.

The woman, who weighs about 46 kg and is 5 feet two inches tall, is a lover of the kitchen. It is said that Sakshi Dhoni loves to prepare dishes. According to reports from reliable sources, the woman even travels with his electric stove when accompanying his husband to international sports tournaments outside the country.

She wasn’t famous until she married a famous cricket star. His husband was the captain of an Indian cricket team.

Sakshi Dhoni believes in Hinduism.


Sakshi Dhoni was born on November 19, 1988. The calculation shows that he is 32 years old. The woman was conceived in Guwahati, Assam. He is an Indian citizen and her hometown is Dehradun.


While coming from a wealthy family with a loving parent, Sakshi Dhoni was educated to a higher level. He began his academic journey in Dehradun. High School life took place in Welham, a school for girls in Dehradun.

After further studying at JawaharVidyaMandir Ranchi, he joined the Institute of Hotel Management in Aurangabad for a degree in Hotel Management, which she had been interested in since childhood.


Sakshi Dhoni is the daughter of Sheila Singh. Her mother worked as a housewife. She is a sister of Akshay Singh and Abhilasha Bisht. She is the mother of a single daughter named Ziva Dhoni. He stays with the family in Dehradun.


She did her internship at Taj Bengal, in Kolkata. From there he made her a lover of her life. Her famous job was when she was a director at Rhiti MSD Alamode Pvt. Ltd.  based in New Delhi.

In addition, Sakshi is the director of the foundation called SakshiRawat, whose main goal is to support and help orphans.

Net worth

Although Sakshi Dhoni has not worked in different careers but has only worked as a director at Rhiti MSD Alamode Pvt.Ltd, she made something. It is estimated that she has a net worth of approximately $ 5 million.

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