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Thousands of arrests take place across the United States daily and, sometimes, those arrests can be a matter of public record. Yes, you no longer need to be a prosecutor or police officer to access the details of an arrest, see a mugshot from that person’s booking, or learn a little bit more about the accused. This is designed to give locals some peace of mind, to know what’s going on around town and what to be concerned about. Let’s take a look at how the average American can conduct this search.

Online Websites

Online search engines like GoLookUp allow average users to deliver into public records to get insight into arrests in almost real-time. GoLookUp collects and aggregates busted mugshots from inmates. Their system updates on a daily basis and populates mugshot records from the sheriff’s offices across the United States. Users can view real mugshots or details on an inmate from the information center in accordance with FCRA rules when they sign up for a GoLookUp service. These rules follow court of law best practices.

It’s important to remember that a mugshot or an arrest record is not proof or indication of guilt and does not represent evidence for use in a criminal case. These arrest reports can show the highest incarceration rate, national average information, and fingerprints, they won’t provide information about a possible sentence and may not have specifics of the actual crime. Whether someone was just busted by the Scioto County Sheriff’s Dept or a different jurisdiction, search engines like GoLookUp can help users comb through recorded criminal activity.

Understanding Mugshots

A mugshot is an official image that is taken of a person when they are arrested. It’s very important to remember that people with mugshots aren’t always convicts. They need to be found guilty in a court of law. That photograph is processed by police or other law enforcement agencies to serve as a clear record to identify the accused. In most cases, these pictures are public documents unless otherwise stated by authorities. That’s why you may see someone’s mugshot pop up on the evening news or come up in your local police blotter.

Mugshots have three sides: Front photographic view, left side of the suspect, and right side of the suspect. As this is a matter of public information, an average person can garner more information about current inmates and arrest history with access to search engines like GoLookUp. These tools help users review inmate rosters that a Google search may not be able to deliver on. A busted mugshot search shows subscribers how to contact the right local authorities in the county where the arrest has taken place. It even provides a look into the expungement process for a given offense.

The Mugshot Process

When people get arrested, they must go through a booking process. That’s where police collect personal information about arrestees, usually starting by obtaining information from their driver’s license or other state-issued identification. The key elements are first name, last name, and date of birth. Having this correct information is key, as you don’t want someone with the same name having their name dragged through the legal process. This is also helpful in a court of law when establishing a possible sentence.

Mugshots are used in legal proceedings by lawyers, police, and even witnesses for the sake of identifying defendants to make sure the right person is convicted. Mugshots can even be distributed to the general public in circumstances that may act as a warning to residents, such as a person who escape apprehension by officers. Remember, this access through websites like GoLookUp is designed for peace of mind in your neighborhood, it’s not meant to be used for harassment.


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