Secure Your Phone With These Easy Tips

It is no surprise that if our technology isn’t adequately secured, we might become targets for cyber attacks and viruses. No guide accompanies a mobile that teaches the user how to connect their smartphone. Furthermore, risks are constantly changing in response to our behaviors.

Mobile phone users utilize their smartphones for various purposes, including communication, entertainment, shopping, business, etc.

As per the Pew Research Center, 81 percent of Americans own a smartphone, with the average person checking it more than fifty times per day.

Notwithstanding our dependency on our smartphones, many do not use them safely.

To enable you to secure your smartphone, we’ve prepared an overview with eight mobile security guidelines to make your smartphone safe. 

8 Tips to Secure Your Smartphone

1) Keep your phone locked when you’re not using it.

If your smartphone is lost, the thief will have total accessibility to your confidential data. To avoid this, make sure your screen is locked. It is up to you and your phone’s features whether you use a pattern, password, facial recognition, or fingerprint.

You may specify how long the device can be idle before locking it when you enable a screen lock. Make sure to select the minimum duration of time. It will secure you by activating the screen lock automatically, even if you fail to lock it manually. It will also increase your battery timing by turning off the screen when a specific time has passed.

2) Use Complex Passwords

Hackers will be more challenging to crack your application passwords if you choose complex passwords. It is also a wise practice to give each application its credentials. If a single password is getting hacked, the hacker will not have accessibility to all of your data.

Personal gadgets are not the only ones at stake; professional ones do. Only 39 per cent of mobile phone users in companies update all default credentials, and only 38 per cent employ robust two-factor verification on their mobile phones, as per the Verizon Mobile Security Index 2018 Study. Passcodes that are too easy to guess might put an entire company at stake.

3) Keep your mobile’s operating system updated.

The updates on your smartphone’s OS will help the device enhance the user experience. These updates could include everything from security to performance. Even though they occur regularly and users tend to click through immediately or ask the phone to remember them in the future, it is critical to keep on top of them. The users of Android and iOS smartphones can protect themselves with these updates from newly found malware. You need to go “setting” then “general” or “about phone” and select “software updates” or “system update” to see if your device’s OS is up to date.

4) Connect to a secure Wi-Fi network

The benefit of smartphones is that we can use them for browsing the internet from anywhere. When we go to a relative house or cafe, one of the first things we do is look for Wi-Fi. While cheap Wi-Fi can save us money on data, we must be cautious about unprotected networks.

Use VPN to ensure safety when connecting to public Wi-Fi. Try out Tomato VPN for Android, enabling you to use public Wi-Fi connections safely. You may secure your data and location from an eavesdropper by switching your virtual network. On the other hand, to restrict others from joining your connection, ensure your Wi-Fi is secure.

5) Watch out of Downloads

When downloading applications, always ensure you get them from the legitimate application store and read the feedback. Hackers construct malicious mobile applications that imitate well-known businesses to collect customers’ sensitive data. To prevent falling into this scam, check the number of feedbacks, the most recent update, and the company’s contact details.

6) Do not Root or Jailbreak Your Phone

When you root or jailbreak your mobile phone, you unlock it and bypass the company’s security measures, allowing you to access whatever you want. It can be alluring to root or jailbreak your mobile phone to access application shops other than the official versions, but doing so puts your device in grave danger. These illegal marketplaces sell applications that have not been reviewed and can hack into your device and steal your data.

7) Encrypt Your Data

Your phone has a lot of information on it. Your contacts, emails, bank information, and more could be at stake if it’s stolen or lost. You may ensure that your smartphone data is encrypted to secure it. 

In the security section on most smartphones, you can activate encryption. Go to the settings menu and select “Passcode & Touch ID” to see if your iOS phone is encrypted. It will request you to insert the passcode for your lock screen. Then slide down to the bottom of the screen, where “Data Security is enabled” should appear.

To encrypt an Android phone, go to the Security setting and select Encrypt Phone option.

8) You should install antivirus software on your phone.

You’ve aware of antivirus software for desktop computers and laptops, but they can also help your mobile computers. Antivirus can protect against hacking and viruses attempts with these applications. As a bonus, some program, such as Panda’s free antivirus, offers VPN functions.

Mobile phones are small computers that can store all your vital personal data in users pockets. You can safeguard your phone by remembering these mobile security recommendations.

9) Use Virtual Private Networks

VPN enables users to connect to a secure channel over the internet safely. They allow users to transmit and get data over shared or public networks without becoming visible to unauthorized individuals.

The VPN maintains your data confidentiality and safety by providing you with a temporary IP address and hiding your actual IP address from every email or website you log in with your mobile. In essence, they act as a protection mechanism for both you and hackers.

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