Seven ways technology has crept into the hospitality industry

Smart technology is becoming the banner of change in almost every aspect of life. It is evolving how we live our lives at home, conduct business, interact with people, etc. Hence, hotels are not an exception to these technological updates. The hospitality industry is taking charge of several technological changes in the business industry.

For the hospitality industry, technological solutions range from how guests experience their stay to cost-saving, marketing, and several revenue-improving opportunities. With the help of the latest tech, hotel owners can improve their profitability. Hence, it is safe to say that the hospitality industry can no longer survive without the assistance of technology. Hotel owners also use technology to make their services unique from their competitors. Therefore, let us discuss some ways that technology has crept into the hospitality industry.

1.Vacation rental manager

If you run a vacation rental business, you might have faced problems managing schedules, operational tasks, inventory, etc. Manually managing all of these aspects of a business can be hectic, confusing, and make the whole process vulnerable to errors. But being in the hospitality business, we understand that you can’t afford to make mistakes. For this reason, the better solution is to make use of housekeeping software for your vacation rental properties. Using that software, you can keep track of housekeeping, enter data, generate reports, network, and even maintain a schedule with the help of a vacation rental scheduler. It will improve your service quality and help you maintain accurate reports of your rental properties, earnings, and other aspects of the business that are crucial for management and growth.

2. Smart energy management

The hospitality industry is big on saving energy and managing expenses by using smart thermostats and sensors. These sensors can monitor and, if necessary, respond to occupancy fluctuations. Similarly, the smart energy management systems in use have a smart learning algorithm that notes and analyzes the local weather, peak energy demand, and thermodynamics to optimize energy consumption. These systems are known to reduce the cost of energy by up to 20% for hotels. They can generate the quickest payback within one or two years. More importantly, smart energy management systems also increase the hotel’s resale value.

3. Smart guest experiences

The hospitality industry won’t be worth anything if they don’t have guests. For this reason, tech inventions dedicated to this industry can shape a better guest experience. For example, some tech solutions help acquire and store guest data which is useful in maintaining better accommodation and service quality for them. Moreover, the occupation sensors play a big role in reducing labor costs and friction points. So we can expect smart technology to enable and equip hotels and hospitality service providers to personalize and predict customer needs and customize the services accordingly.

4. Remote check-in and check-out

Remote check-in and check-out services gained popularity during the pandemic. They allowed guests to checkin and out without needing to interact with a receptionist. All the guests had to do was check-in by using their phones. This technology has helped hotels manage their staffing needs and reduce the cost of labor. Moreover, this technology also alerts the hotel staff whenever the guest arrives so that the staff can provide a more personalized experience to the guest.

At the end of their stay, guests are able to check out without any hassle and even arrange for transportation to their next destination. Hence, this tech solution is beneficial for the guests who want a smooth and seamless experience without any personal interactions and reduces labor costs for the hotel.

5. Data analytics

The hospitality industry is rather interested in ways big data can help drive their business and help it grow. After all, there is a lot of potential in data analytics for the hospitality industry. Therefore, professionals working in hospitality use data analytic tools to extract information and analysis from data collected through smart sensors, applications, etc.

Apart from that, hotel owners can use data analytic tools to control and manage their inventory, manage labor and power supplies, and use these apps to streamline several work processes. They can also use these tools to launch a marketing campaign and understand what the customer truly wants.

Many popular names in the hospitality industry use data analytic tools to do a competitor analysis and learn ways they can improve their business as well. It is also beneficial in setting hotel pricing strategy by analyzing market trends, target demographics, and competitor analysis, ultimately generating high revenue.

6. Smart room keys

Smart room keys use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The NFC technology is popular for mobile payments, but hotel owners have started utilizing it to give their guests a unique experience. The NFC technology is used to communicate and transfer information between two devices nearby, enabling smart room keys to work.

Hence, these smart room keys give the guests an easy and personalized experience. These smart keys can also track royalty points. The user can also connect these keys with their phones and acquire different features. Presently, smart room keys are considered an important investment for security in the hospitality industry.

7. Smart gadgets and sensors

One aspect of hospitality that the guests seldom enjoyed was room service. Room service tends to be a bit intrusive, which often makes the experience uncomfortable for guests. But now, hotel owners use different infrared sensors, which pose a solution to this problem. These sensors measure the temperature in the room and inform the room service whether it is safe to enter or not.

Apart from that, using several smart gadgets in hotel rooms, such as smart mirrors with touch screens, smart temperature, light sensors, and tablet-controlled devices, is quickly gaining popularity. These gadgets help improve the hotel experience, making the stay more pleasant.


In most industries, technological solutions mainly focus on inventing smart solutions for business owners. However, when it comes to the hospitality industry, the focus is on the guest and how hotel owners can make their experience more pleasant. It helps improve customer satisfaction, and the guests always have some positive feedback to give. These aspects help in growing the business and improving customer retention rates.


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