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In this digital age, there are a lot of technical developments that aim to make our lives more convenient and enjoyable. During the pandemic, they made it possible to work from home, too. It is possible to communicate and collaborate in business using social media platforms such as Gmail or Facebook without having to meet face-to-face. But these methods have limits, such as the maximum attachment capacity of a file.

This limit gives us headaches. So if you are looking for an app or a website that can share your large files or documents, GogoPDF is the answer. GogoPDF has the Share Document tool, and it is one of the best. GogoPDF makes it easy and free to share your documents. Continue reading for the steps and tips of using GogoPDF.

Purpose of GogoPDF

As technology advances, everything moves online. Managing electronic files may be a challenge, especially if you don’t use internet resources. Document manipulation may sap your motivation and drive. This is the reason why GogoPDF is here, to help us manage our portable documents. GogoPDF is an online platform for converting, compressing, editing, file sharing, and performing other operations on your documents that could be beneficial at school and at work.

They want students and professionals to be able to work from home in a less emotionally and physically exhausting environment. GogoPDF offers a wide range of services and features while also reducing the risk of your device being infected with malware or viruses. Going paperless with the help of GogoPDF will protect you from losing your cool while dealing with electronic papers.

What is GogoPDF’s Share Document?

For sure, we all encounter sending an email to someone, but we cannot press the send button because of the large attachment file. If you want to transmit huge files quickly, easily, and securely, then you should use GogoPDF instead of other services. This website’s file-sharing feature is one feature that makes it dependable and unique. In just a few clicks, you may send and share files up to 5 gigabytes, and you’ll have a download link delivered immediately to your friends! When it comes to sending files, GogoPDF employs robust SSL encryption to keep your sensitive information safe.

How to share your PDFs with GogoPDF

If you are on the GogoPDF website already, you just need to select the tool you need. To share a PDF file, use the “Share Document” option on GogoPDF’s menu bar. You can upload your PDF file on the purple box provided by GogoPDF. There are two options in uploading your document, selecting and dragging. Choose what is more convenient for you.

After uploading your chosen document, you just need to wait for a couple of seconds for the process to complete. Let GogoPDF handle all the work for you and enjoy the results. You can now share your document with other people without worrying about having a big file size. 

GogoPDF also provides you with a link for a faster process. You may send the link through email with a personalized note, or you can copy the URL and paste it into an email and send it to your addressee. GogoPDF will remove it after an hour. If you are a PRO member of GogoPDF, you can rename the file before sending it. 

For faster instructions, follow these steps:

1. Upload the file that you wish to share with other people. You may drag and drop the file to the toolbox from your computer’s hard drive.

2. Click the Share File tab.

3. Copy the URL and paste it into an email or text message and send it to your recipient.

4. Alternatively, you may save the document on your computer and then share it on all of your social networking sites.

Key Features of GogoPDF’s Share Document

  1. Works Across All Platforms

Anyone with a computer can access GogoPDF from any operating system like Mac and Linux. Their tool is compatible with all major browsers. Whether you use Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari to access their website, you’ll have the same viewing experience. And their helpful app works on all platforms, including Windows and Mac computers as well as Linux and Android phones.

  1. Multi-Format

Using their service, you may simply and securely upload and exchange PDFs, Word documents, and Excel files. You may share different file types with only a few clicks using this internet application. Sharing several pictures is no problem with GogoPDF. You may also upload and share your PNG, JPEG, or BMP files. They support all of the formats you need to share with other people.

  1. File Security

Most of us would like to have the highest level of protection for our data, files, and private information. When working with online documents, GogoPDF focuses on the most crucial facts and content. After an hour, they automatically removed all submitted data from their server as part of their security protocol, according to the company. As long as you use 256-bit encryption technology, you can prevent unwanted access and leaking of information included in your document.

  1. Cloud Storage

Their file sharing feature allows you to share files directly from your browser without the need to download or install any additional software. Easy to use, GogoPDF is a great tool for creating PDF documents. Cloud computing allows for anything to be done online and stored in the cloud. It will not take up a lot of your computer’s RAM when you use their site. For users with only 16GB of RAM, this implies it won’t take up any of your storage space.


If you’re new to document sharing, you may encounter some difficulties. However, using an online application such as GogoPDF is the most convenient option. Unquestionably, GogoPDF is one of the greatest websites for exchanging digital files. To have a less stressful work at home experience, you need to have a coherent plan. GogoPDF’s primary features provide solutions to common problems that arise while sharing files with other people. Visit immediately to take advantage of all of its benefits.


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