Should You Stay Away from Clickbait Titles When It Comes to SEO?

When it comes to writing content, you are always told to focus on the title. In other words, you want to have a powerful headline that jumps out at a reader and makes them want to click and stay on the page. Indeed, this is true since you want your audience to enjoy your online content.

However, something that you have to be careful of is creating clickbait. In other words, creating a title that is sensationalised and almost tricks a user into clicking on a link. A common question related to this is; are clickbait titles bad when it comes to SEO? Let’s take a closer look at what we know.

Can Clickbait Be Good?

A lot of people have mixed opinions when it comes to clickbait. Of course, there are reasons why people use it and in some cases, it can work. But, if you want to build an authority website and one where your audience stays to read your information, you have to be careful with your titles.

You Can Lose Credibility

There is one big danger of using clickbait titles. It can mean that your website loses credibility. For example, say that you create a really exciting headline. But, it is sensationalised and makes people click to read the article. They soon discover that you have made the headline more exciting than the blog post itself. This is going to lead to disappointment and people are not going to view your website as credible and reliable for information. 

Therefore, there is the possibility that you will lose the trust of your audience. They will learn that you use clickbait to make them read your blog post. Readers are smart and this can mean that they no longer use your site in the future for the information they need. Ultimately, when it comes to SEO, it is best to concentrate on techniques that are reputable and can produce steady results. For example, companies like ClickSlice knows how to achieve better rankings for customers without having to rely on clickbait titles. It is best to avoid any risky strategies that could backfire and make users dislike your website.

What Can We Learn from Clickbait?

There are some lessons you can learn from clickbait. Yes, if you do create clickbait titles, they can backfire and we have found that this can backfire on your website. It does not work the risks. This is particularly true if the blog post or article does not match the title or is of the same quality. But, here is what we can learn in general from clickbait titles.

Good Titles Matter

There is a simple lesson to learn here. The title of your content matters. Ultimately, this is what readers are going to see first. If they like the title, they will click on the link. If they do not like it, they are going to move on. Yes, you want to incorporate keywords into titles. But, you need to do so in a way that is interesting and audience-grabbing. Do not rush the title just to get the content published.

Positivity Creates Interest

Something that is often observed is that an audience is more likely to click on a page that has a positive title. In other words, a title that is going to expand their knowledge and allow them to improve their life in some way. So, make sure that there is a positive spin on the title you create. This can make a difference when it comes to getting more readers.

The Simpler, the Better

Think about when you are looking for something on Google; you skim-read the title to see if it is relevant. So, you have to make sure that the title is going to be easy to understand and read quickly for your audience. If there are too many complicated words or the title does not read properly, they are going to skip over it and move on. So, make your titles catchy and interesting but simple at the same time.

Quality is Important

One of the most important lessons you can learn from clickbait titles is that the quality of your content matters. Yes, a good headline can get someone to visit your page. But, if you do not have quality content to match this, they will click off your website. This can give your pages a high bounce rate and this is not something you want.

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