Six interesting career options for MBA graduates

Every year, millions of job-seekers queue up to acquire an MBA degree in hopes of being offered a high-paying corporate career.They set their eyes on the most popular, traditionally-held jobs in top companies. However, acquiring an MBA isn’t only fruitful for those who want to become marketers or bankers in the future.

While mostcareers related to MBA revolve around investment banking, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, etc., there are a variety of career possibilities that are not directly related to conventional business management or marketing. So, if you are planning to get your MBA or are already studying it, here are a few interesting career options you might want to consider.

  1. Post-secondary Education Administration

If you are interested in the education system and consider yourself a forward thinker, a career as an administrator in post-secondary education might be right for you. A post-secondary education administrator works with faculty, staff, and students at colleges or universities. This can include various tasks, but the job always involves administering operations and overseeing finances. Many administrators work on large campuses that offer numerous programs, but some work on small campuses or in administrative roles within a school district. Administrative positions typically require a degree in business administration, education, or a related field. Many administrators in a post-secondary education setting can perform well with aGeneral Master of Business Administration Degree, which helps them with their administrative duties and stimulates their research. The growth rate in this line of work is higher than average, and this field will keep expanding greatly in the next few years.

  1. Healthcare Consultation

Healthcare is the second largest industry after agriculture and offers tremendous potential for growth. Many people from different streams are now looking for jobs and careers in healthcare. Those who have acquired an MBA from reputed colleges can get a lucrative job as a healthcare consultant.

A healthcare consultant is responsible for providing consulting services related to healthcare for individuals or businesses. These consultants need to have thorough knowledge about healthcare technology, medical research, and business operations. Healthcare consultants usually work with hospitals, physicians, nurses, and other professionals who directly deal with patients or clients. They help them improve their quality of care and customer service by giving them helpful advice on organizing their healthcare department better.

  1. Emergency Management

An MBA degree will boost your resume with employers looking for someone to lead the emergency management department. A successful emergency management director should know how to manage his team and communicate effectively with them. After all, the emergency management team comprises experts from different fields, such as meteorologists, geologists, engineers, and many other professions. The success of any emergency response activity depends largely on how well the members work together and communicate with each other.

A job as an emergency management director will also let you participate in decision-making at a national level. For example, you can organize and formulate disaster management strategies on a large scale and help recover from any natural or man-made catastrophe. If you choose to take this route, you may find it helpful to seek out some courses on emergency management that will give you a broader skillset and knowledge required for the job.

  1. Career Coaching

A career in coaching is considered one of the best nontraditional career options for MBA graduates. As a career coach, you can share your knowledge and experience with people looking for a good job and wanting to climb the career ladder. To become a successful career coach, you need to have sound knowledge of the employment industry. You cannot provide effective assistance and guidance if you do not know what employers are looking for.

There are two routes that you can take up in career coaching. The first one is that you can be an independent coach who works from home or anywhere else. The second option is to work for any coaching institute. In either case, you will have a good chance of growth.

  1. Fundraising Management

Fundraising management is about helping organizations to raise funds for their endeavors. Many organizations need help with fundraising, from non-profit organizations to hospitals and colleges. The main role is to develop a strategy that would help the organization achieve its fundraising goals.

Fundraisers usually work under a fundraising director responsible for managing all the fundraisers. The fundraising manager ensures that all the fundraisers are doing their jobs and have enough resources at their disposal. They will also be responsible for the overall performance of the fundraisers. The duties of a fundraiser manager are diverse and may include: developing fundraising plans, working with contacts, asking for donations, and event planning, among others. They require a wide range of skills such as communication skills, leadership skills, analytical skills, and people skills.

  1. Political Campaign Management

Political campaigns are one of the most effective ways for politicians to market themselves and get in touch with voters. The campaigns demand different skill sets from what an MBA graduate may have so far come across during their career. The candidates must do a lot of market research, build effective strategies, and be convincing speakers. They need to think quickly on their feet and react to events as they unfold. As a result, they need a strong team that includes marketing experts, political strategists, and campaign managers.

They can help analyze voter trends, strengthen media strategies and assist in gathering raw data regarding the number of people who are likely to attend campaign events. This information is collected through surveys and personal interactions such as door-to-door campaigning.


While a typical MBA grad is more likely to land at a bank or in marketing upon graduation, there are several more interesting career paths out there worth considering. It all boils down to your skill sets, abilities, attitude, and, most importantly, your passion.  If you are intrigued by any of these career options, take the time to learn more about them and consider applying. While they may seem unconventional on the surface, they can lead to rewarding careers.

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