Smarter Security and Safer Building With Verkada

Security is an important part of many businesses across the United States. Whether it’s physical security or digital security, keeping your organization safe and secure with security is essential. Fortunately, there are companies that offer safe and smart security options.

One such company is Verkada. We’ll dig a bit deeper into how to keep your business secure with security via Verkada.

Security Cameras

One of the ways that you can ensure that you’ll have a safer building is by installing security cameras. Companies such as Verkada provide businesses with quality choices when it comes to onsite cameras. They point and shoot, filming all the daily activities at your business. Even in their simplicity, these cameras can be greatly beneficial to your company. First, such cameras can be used to prevent workplace harassment and violence. These occurrences will more than likely not happen when workers realize that they are being filmed.

Through their visibility, these types of cameras can also reduce theft and vandalism. As in the case of preventing workplace harassment and violence, individuals will be less apt to steal if they’re afraid of being recorded. Such cameras can also be used to check on your employees and improve their productivity. Unfortunately, many occurrences of office theft are at the hands of employees. To ensure the physical security of your office items, invest in these cameras. You can also resolve office disputes between employees using the video pulled from your cameras. These cameras can be used to supply smarter security options for your building.

Access Controls

Lastly, there’s a new application for Verkada access controls that allows for touchless building entry. If you have a Bluetooth device, this will act as your access control for entering a building. This prevents you from having to dig for your security card and stops tailgating from occurring. The simplicity with which this occurs can be beneficial for many businesses seeking safe alternatives for building entry. Access controls are an essential part of making security smarter and safer.

Alarm System

Another security feature that Verkada supplies is alarm systems. Alarm systems detect intrusion into a building. This can include something like unauthorized entry into a business. Many businesses also rely on alarm systems to help them keep their workers, data, and equipment safe. These systems act as a first responder in a way, providing the authorities with a notification when a crime is taking place.

The alarm system that Verkada supplies includes a variety of different components such as an alarm panel and alarm console. These integrated alarm parts help to keep your sites secure via cloud-managed intrusion detection and 24/7 professional monitoring. A Verkada alarm system also includes video security. This is used to help detect after-hours activity. In case you don’t have physical security on-site, video security is the next best thing to have.

To round out the different components of an alarm system, there’s the alarm panel. This device can help you to add wired sensor inputs for complete building coverage. The wired outputs can help with automated emergency signaling. A Verkada alarm system can help make your building safer.


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