Smile Essay: How to Make It Fresh and Interesting to Read


There are many characteristics of a good essay. From good grammar, punctuations, tone, and research, an essay can be considered good. One aspect many ignore is how interesting and eye-catching an essay should be. An uninteresting paper can easily lose your reader’s attention, making it unappealing and less attractive. 

The problem is that many students find it difficult to create interesting content with ease. This is why using a good essay writing service can set your grades and grab your reader’s attention. Experts in these services have rooted knowledge in writing that drafting interesting content is easy for them. 

Writing an academic paper doesn’t have to be too formal and boring. Just by simply adding some perks, your writing can go from boring to interesting in no time. Don’t get us wrong here; being formal is also important for your papers. Keeping your formality intact with a few tricks can make your writing very interesting and fun. 

Do you want to start writing something interesting? Let’s review 10 things you can do today to create a smiling essay. 

Model The Style of An Interesting Writer

You’ve probably read some interesting writings and found them very interesting that you read them multiple times? Do you want to start creating content as fun as that? Pick books representing different styles and try to emulate the style of the writer with fun content. Study the writer’s style and outline how the writer intrigues through his style. Then, apply the techniques and start writing something similar.

Talk About Your Opinions

Writing without giving some of your thoughts may jeopardize the whole content since you’ll only be talking about other people’s ideas. Try adding a little more about how your opinions align with others. Just by doing this, you immediately sound more interesting and original. So, don’t be afraid to demonstrate your points; It makes writing more fascinating.

Choose Active Voices

Writing actively changes the whole image of a paper with more detailed and intriguing content. This is why we’ll advise you to use active voices rather than passive ones to convey information more clearly. The active voice simply means the subject or noun is there to act. While passive voice is when the subject is acted upon. 

For example, study the two voice descriptions; 

  • Passive Voice: The water was tainted by the young boy. 
  • Active Voice: The young boy tainted the water.

From the above example, passively, “the young boy”, acting as the subject was acted upon, which sounds more complex and boring. While actively, the young boy performs the action, which comes more prolific and elegant. Writing actively expresses clear points with neater phrasing, which makes content more alluring to read. 

Focus On Fascinating Details

Not all topics are fun to write about. It is the work of the writer to bring out intriguing details about that boring topic. Expanding the content through a comprehensive writing style must be able to express fascinating details. 

One way to do this is by transforming boring content into a relevant experience with the real world. This will not only make the details interesting-it will make it relatable to even a layman. 

Avoid Repetitive Phrasing

Consider changing your sentence structure as your content progresses. Repeating phrasing and sentencing constructs will only bore your readers. Instead, employ a variety of sentence syntax that shows your writing potentials as well as makes the paper interesting. 

Try mixing the whole content with simple, compound, and even complex sentences to express unpredictability and fun altogether. 

Proofread and Edit

This is one best advice a student can implement to achieve better grading in his writing. After completing your essay, proofread it and check for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. Also, make editing and adjust your mistakes, where necessary. 

Remember instructors hate bad grammar and punctuation structure. So, take your time to proofread and make the necessary adjustments and validate your interesting content. 


The best way to improve your writing into fascinating content is by paying attention and having a clear goal. If this is your aim, implement all the ideas in this review. And start writing eye-catching content to get better grades in school.


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