Strategic Six time management tips to ace defence exams

“If you love life, don’t waste time, for time is what life is made up of.”-Bruce Lee. For those who want to achieve something extraordinary in life, time is money to them. At present, lakhs of youngsters are in the race to ace government exams and hold a dignified job with themselves. These days, youngsters yearn to grab a secure job in the defence forces of India and get a golden chance to serve their homeland. Another benefit of securing a defence job is that it provides a fat salary along with attractive amenities.  Moreover, soldiers/officers of the armed forces are revered with great respect and honor for their level of commitment and gallantry efforts to secure peace of the nation. 


For getting selected to these forces, candidates need to qualify defence entrance exams such as AFCAT, NDA, CDS etc. Self-study is adopted by maximum of the candidates but joining coaching classes can serve them as cherry on cake. So, anyone who has a flaming desire for joining the noble forces of India can start with hard core preparation for the NDA exam.  If anyone is seeking astounding guidance while preparing for this exam, they can approach a recognized institute that offers perfect NDA coaching in Chandigarh. While preparing for any defence exam, candidates need to make best use of time for effective preparation. 


Here is a list of productive tips on time management to help you succeed in Defence entrance exam:

  • Proper time organization


A proper organization of tasks helps you calm down your stress levels. This helps you model an efficacious strategy. It is recommended to prepare a productive time table a month before any defence exam. Set daily targets and organize your time for each day so you know properly when to study and what to stuy? Following a plan can help you estimate how much time you have invested in each topic or subject. This is the most rewarding way you can organize and manage your time while preparing for any defence exam. 

  • Explore your requirements


Devising an effective strategy is easy if you know your needs and requirements. Preparing a strategy in accordance with your requirements aids in beefing up your efficiency while preparing for the defence exams. Analyze your exam syllabus and estimate how much time you will require to complete each topic and subject. After scrutinizing your activities, chopp off the time you fritter on unnecessary tasks and invest that time to your studies. It is advisable to fight shy of using social media as it can distract you from your goals and make you unproductive. Mark one thing that a sound sleep is as essential as it will make you more productive. It is suggested not to prepare for the defence exam at the cost of your health, so make time to maintain good health. 


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  • Subject-wise preparation


The best way to make a study plan is to prioritize the subjects and allot time to them wisely. You can rank subjects on the basis of difficulty level. Afterwards, you can devote maximum time to subjects you find hard to retain or prepare. Cracking any defence exam is not a hard row to toe, if you are well versed with your stronger and weaker areas and do every possible effort to improve it. Furthermore, this helps you in managing your time in a better way. 


  1. Make a schedule


It is an important plus a hard task to devise a fruitful time table. It is suggested to make a simple schedule, so that it’s easy for you to remain stick to it.  Make sure that you are including short breaks, sleep time and other essential activities along with your study time. Giving yourself daily challenges and fulfilling those challenges will boost confidence and help you in calming down your anxiety. Doing this can help you manage your time while attempting any defence exam. 


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  • Adhere to the planned schedule


It is easy to make a time table but staying stick to it requires stern determination and consistency. It is recommended to adhere to the time table already prepared to achieve the desirable results. Following your schedule staunchly can help you bear the fruit of success. So, roll your sleeves and get ready for the hard core preparation required to qualify the defence exams. 

  • Shun smartphones during study time


Avoid using smartphones while preparing for the defence exams as its sweet temptation can distract you from your goals and make you unproductive. Smartphones have become part and parcel of every student’s life, it is suggested to use smartphones only for study purposes. 


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Afore-mentioned handy tips can help you make best possible use of time while preparing for the defence exam. Along with the best use of time, make sure you cover all the important aspects related to the defence exam.

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