Superstitions and habits of successful players

Gambling is, first of all, luck or bad luck, which is why they are superstitious for many gamblers. Players believe in luck, try to lure and keep it. If you want to experiment and test superstitions for yourself, you don’t have to go to Las Vegas. You can play slots on the Parimatch website, perhaps some of the signs will help you to hit a big jackpot.

How to attract Fortune: signs and superstitions of gambling fans

The most common way to ward off bad luck is to knock on the game table three times. Whether it works or not is unknown, but if a person believes in it, then why not? Consider other superstitions and habits that gambling addicts give in to:

  • Do not count your money while sitting at the gaming table. This is relevant only at the table of a land-based casino. It is not known where this belief came from, but many gamblers, fans of roulette and table entertainment observe this rule.
  • Betting on unlucky numbers. Many players try to bet on 7, which is considered a fair number and avoid bets on 13 and 6, which can bring bad luck.
  • Red brings good luck. This is another common superstition that has come from Asian countries where red is the color of prosperity.
  • The handkerchief on the chair attracts a good layout. Players put a handkerchief on the chair when they are afraid that bad cards will come.
  • You cannot talk about the loss of another player. There is a belief that gloating can attract failure to yourself.
  • Avoid touching and compliments from beautiful ladies. The players believe that this reduces the chances of winning, as the woman’s attention can scare off the “jealous” Fortune.
  • You can change only clockwise. If during the game you decide to change your seat at the table, you should change to the next one clockwise.

Everyone knows that newbies are lucky, so when you make your first bet in your life, you don’t have to be afraid of any signs. It is also believed that good luck always comes on New Year’s Eve. Some gamblers celebrate the holiday in offline or online casinos to hit a big jackpot.

Omens of gambling that migrated into ordinary life

Once a man, by the name of Blanchard, went to the casino, and just before the entrance, his suit was stained with a pigeon flying by. On the same day, he hit a big jackpot. Later, the situation was repeated more than once. Blanchard became a rich man, but, playing too much, he completely lost. Since then, there has been a sign that if a bird stained clothes, this is money.

Similarly, some other signs came to the people. For example, if a person with an empty bucket meets on the way to the casino, the game will be unsuccessful. And on Friday the thirteenth, only the most desperate and reckless dared to play.

“Star” superstitions

The stars of poker and other games have their omens, habits, and rituals that attract good luck. Doyle Brunson doesn’t sit down without his Casper, the Ghostbusters logo lighter. Many people rent his amulet from Brunson during major tournaments and pay a lot of money for it.

Poker star Sammy Farh holds an unlit cigarette between his teeth during the game. This is how the multiple WSOP winner lures Fortuna. In addition, Sammy confesses that the taste of tobacco soothes him and helps him focus.

Chinese player Johnny Chen’s amulet is an ordinary orange. For the first time, he brought it to his nose at the card table to kill the smell of tobacco smoke in the game room. After that, he won and now wears something orange on everything or takes citrus with him.


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