Technologies That Enhance Present-Day Online Slots

COVID-19 has permanently changed the face of gambling. Whereas companies initially looked at online casinos as a back-up for their brick-and-mortar facilities, the reverse is now true. More players than ever have turned to these sites for some gambling entertainment, and few indicate a desire to return to the pre-pandemic status quo.

Among gamblers’ favorite games are online slots, which should come as no surprise given that slot machines in their land-based form have been providing players with hours of fun since their inception. Now that people have discovered how much more fun online slots games are than their older counterparts, few intend to return to a casino to play them anytime soon.

Here are some technological advances that make present-day online slots so popular:


When online casino games were launched, many would-be players were suspicious of them. They worried about sharing sensitive information online, such as their banking details, scared that a data breach could put their information in criminals’ hands. However, online games use blockchain integration services to ensure client privacy and cybersecurity. They even use this technology to put measures in place to prevent anyone from hacking their games and disrupting them.

As an integral part of their brand-building methods, many casinos now accept cryptocurrency as payment for access to online slots machines. Not all operators are at this stage but will need to catch up with their more innovative competitors.


Whether you are stuck at home because of COVID-19 restrictions or facing a long, boring commute to and from work, online slots can give you a welcome break from reality. Now that online casino sites are optimized for cellphone use, you carry access to a casino in your pocket or handbag. This allows you to take a few spins while queuing at the grocery shop if the line is long. Best of all, you pick up where you left off once you are home and everything is packed away.

The next expected technological advance for online slots is enabling playing them by using smartwatches. Online gaming software developers are hard at work creating the necessary means to make playing on the go even easier than it currently is.

Less of a game of chance

The global AI market has its eyes fixed on online gambling and slots games in particular. Current software creates a storyline for players to follow as they progress through different levels. There are hundreds of choices available for digital slots, from traditional colorful symbols that look like Candy Crush to an adventure through Ancient Egypt. With so many options, there must be one that suits everyone’s tastes.

Millennials and Gen-Z are more averse to gambling than older generations. Many regard it as a waste of time and money, especially as most games, including slots, are games of chance. However, software developers are investigating ways of introducing a skills-based element to online slots. This could allow users to play against other competitors, something that appeals to these latter generations. It is only a matter of time before this concept becomes a reality.  


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