Test Drive Virtual Backgrounds In Your Next Team Meeting

Meeting organizers looking for ways to liven up their next remote team meetings should consider displaying a branded virtual office background or a Scene for Zoom Immersive View. Here are a few advantages of thinking outside the conventional boxes of Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet in terms of keeping team members engaged and allowing for more productive meetings.

How To Break The Ice

When a team leader or manager signs on and is immediately confronted with the faces of employees or co-workers in a virtual meeting, he or she may not be sure how to proceed. There are a number of effective icebreakers that meeting organizers or leaders can use in these situations. Consider having staff play a few rounds of Guess Who or virtual in-meeting bingo or set aside a few minutes to solve a collaborative online puzzle.

Organizers can ensure that every meeting participant feels comfortable throughout a virtual meeting by encouraging everyone to use virtual office backgrounds. Meeting organizers can also create a Scene for Zoom Immersive view to bring participants together in a shared virtual space or selecting a virtual office Google Meet background. Once virtual meeting participants establish rapport, it is easier to work productively.

Build Unity With Your Staff

While a virtual backgrounds for Teams presents the look of a generic office, the ability to add a logo encourages participants to implicitly recognize and identify with a brand. If your business has a high-resolution logo, it is easy to add this recognizable representation to virtual office backgrounds for Teams, Google Meet or Zoom.

Conducting meetings or video calls without virtual backgrounds can actually undermine unity through visual distractions and a lack of cohesion. Employees that use virtual office backgrounds in video calls and conferences are prepared to present a unified appearance in internal meetings and look more professional when delivering external presentations.

Backgrounds for Every User

Most virtual office backgrounds purposefully do not include distractions, but backgrounds do not have to be completely impersonal. You can choose a color scheme and office design. If you plan to display a business logo, consider which background colors complement the signature colors of a brand.

In addition to virtual office backgrounds with or without logos for individual users, you can also create Scenes for Zoom Immersive View. Scenes bring every member of a team together in a shared virtual space that can make larger video calls and virtual meetings more manageable, flexibly interactive and visually appealing. For the best results, every user should set up their camera facing a blank wall or solid color surface.

Most businesses that try out virtual backgrounds for individual users or Scenes for Immersive View that enable every member of a team to gather together in shared virtual space tend to keep using this technology. When the staff of a business work and meet remotely, the ability to do so in ways that showcase individual participants and keep the focus on objectives can help to ensure that productivity does not lapse.


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