The 5 Best Places From Which To Work Remotely

Working remotely can add so much freedom and flexibility to your daily life. It can reduce or eliminate your daily commute, it may come with a very relaxed dress code, and it may even give you the ability to set your own work schedule. Working remotely doesn’t have to mean you’re stuck at home all day, though. Many workers are discovering that when work can be done from anywhere, the options for your office are limitless. Here are five of the best places that you may want to consider for your next remote working time.

1. The Deck of a Cruise Ship

There’s nothing like a view of the ocean from off the side of a cruise ship. The sea breeze in your hair, the sun on your skin, and a laptop connected to the ship’s Wi-Fi is about all you need to combine work with play. Whether you are looking for Alaska cruises from Seattle, Bahama cruises from Miami, or any other destination from any other port city, you’ll likely find plenty on-board amenities to help keep your time productive as well as pleasurable. Just make sure that your computer doesn’t take a dip in the pool with you.

2. A National or State Park Campsite

If the sea isn’t quite your scene, a visit to a state or national park may be the perfect fit. While camping sounds like a remote adventure, many parks offer campsites that are fully equipped with internet and electricity connections. Many such sites even have comfort stations with hot showers, washing machines, grills, and more. You can kick back in a hammock in the great outdoors while you tackle the latest iteration of that spreadsheet. When you need to stand up and take a stretch break, you won’t find better scenery than in the parks.

3. A Foreign Country

You can take the idea of working remotely to a whole new level by visiting a new country. Major cities can offer all the connections and spaces that you may need to accomplish your work tasks, while giving you a chance to experience a new culture. You can spend your downtime trying new food, seeking out new inspiration at a museum, or simply enjoying a different pace of life in a new place. Just be sure to bring the right power adapters for all your work electronics.

4. The Backyard of a Friend or Family Member

You don’t have to go far to get away from it all. A familiar spot, whether that’s just down the road at a friend’s house or across the country in your hometown, can be the perfect worksite. Working remotely can come with feelings of isolation or loneliness, especially if you’ve been used to working in an office. Making time to visit with loved ones can help reduce those feelings, as well as reducing your overall stress and preventing burnout.

5. A Local Library

Another option for staying near home without actually staying at home is to visit your local library. In addition to offering workspaces and internet connections, you may find books and other resources that can boost your work performance. Some libraries offer individual study corrals for focused work, while others offer co-working spaces that can let you tap into the creativity of others. Library cards at a public library are generally free to residents, so make sure you sign up for a card while you’re there.

There are many options for changing up your daily routine when you are working remotely. You can strike out for new adventures on a cruise ship or in a foreign country. You can get away from it all (while maintaining the comforts of home) at a state or national park campsite. You can even stick close to home by visiting a loved one’s home or your local library. Wherever you decide to work from, may your work hours be as enjoyable as they are productive.

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