The Benefits Of A Premed Experience For Aspiring Doctors

Many brilliant students want to become doctors more than anything. Most of these students have a fundamental idea of what it entails to become a fully licensed medical doctor. For one to become a physician, it is essential to take pre med courses. This is a term used to describe four years in a college that prepares you for medical school. You can choose any course provided that the subject you choose will prepare you for medical school. However, some schools will require you to take additional courses to qualify. When you take different courses, you have the edge over other applicants during application. The choice of subjects you take in pre-med school is crucial in ensuring that you get into an excellent medical school. In addition to this, it is good to have a premed clinical experience. Some of the benefits of having this experience include:

You get to put your knowledge into practice

This is an opportunity to have a medical insight from a physician’s perspective. This is a platform to connect your textbook knowledge with a real-life scenario. You get to see and learn about the doctor/patient relationship, how it works in real-time, the diagnosis process, and caregiving. This kind of experience can also give you excellent talking points during an interview.

You get to evaluate your medical career

With such exposure and probably an entirely new experience for you, you may want to weigh your options. It will be a platform to check whether it is the career you want to pursue for the rest of your life. This exposure gives you an idea of what it is like to be a doctor. If you find the experience fun or enjoyable, then you can pursue it, but if not, then it is the best stage at which you can change your mind.

Stand out in your application

Medical school applications are very competitive. With a premed clinic exposure, you will have the edge over other applicants. It helps you impress those reviewing your application. Even though it is not necessary for your application, it will work to your advantage. Having a premed experience indicates how serious you are about the medical field, since you have invested a considerable amount of time and resources.


This is an opportunity to network with other trainees and physicians since you will be rotating with them. You may share knowledge and ideas about your experience and the curriculum covered. You may also get a chance to meet other medical students applying for residency positions and give you advice on how to best go through the medical school application process.

Earn a letter of recommendation 

After completion of your clinical experience, you will be given a letter of recommendation upon request. This letter can go a long way in securing an excellent medical school for you. However, your precepting physician needs to know your plans and the inspiration behind them.


In such an experience, you will not miss one or two mentors. You will have someone to give you advice from time to time as long as you put in the work and let them know you as well as your precepting physician. You will have someone to hold your hand throughout your journey.


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