The best colours of lightsabers

Star Wars is everyone’s favourite. Star Wars is famous for Jedi, and Jedi has the most iconic and exclusive lightsabers. These unique weapons are used in knighting ceremonies. Warriors use lightsabers of different colours. Different colours of lightsabers represent different energies and features.

  • Blue is a classic colour when it comes to talking about lightsabers. This is a cool colour seen in a wide range of Star Wars. The blue lightsaber is the symbol for a Jedi guardian. This is one of those colours that is exclusively seen in knighting festivals and battling.
  • The green lightsaber colour represents Jedi consular. This focuses more on learning better ways of fighting battles. Custom lightsabers are also available in the market.
  • Red is an iconic colour of lightsabers. A lot of knights uses this. Red crystals are used to make lightsabers of red colours. This is one of the best colours of lightsabers.
  • Brown is another famous colour for lightsabers. This is a unique colour. This is made by a brown crystal that has a distinct rule. Some completely disassembled people can use this colour. This is the symbol of loyalty.
  • Purple is a cool colour for lightsabers. When talking about the soul of the wielder, this colour does not represent ideologies, roles, and rules. Flexible and adaptive people are seen using purple lightsabers. They keep fighting for something. This is one of the best colours for lightsabers. 
  • Yellow is a famous lightsaber that is a little vogue. This is a lightsaber that specifies dedication to protection, pursuits, scholarly, and battle. This is a famous colour that has certain powers in it. This is why it is used in a wide range of powers and knights.
  • White is one of the most popular colours when it comes to lightsabers. This is one of the finest blades that people can have. This lightsaber is used for distinctive purposes. This lightsaber has been used by a lot of knights and knighting festivals.
  • This is one of the most popular colours of lightsabers. This is pink or magenta that often appears in Star Wars. This is a notable lightsaber that is used in Star Wars. This is one of the most popular lightsabers that the knights have used. Pink is the colour related to love and affection.
  • There are several lightsabers of various colours. Hybrids are also available. Hybrids are mixtures of colours. These hybrids make the blades of these weapons. Hybrids contain mixed properties. This is what makes them the most special. Hybrids can make a wide range of colours for lightsabers. 
  • This is the lighter version of the blue lightsaber. The majority of knights use this, which is seen in many video games. This is one of the most peaceful colours seen in knighting ceremonies. This colour represents nature and peace.
  • The first lightsaber was a black that Mandalorian made. This is one of the most exclusive lightsabers that were used. This is one of the most powerful lightsabers that the warriors exclusively used.


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