The Best Months for Scoring New Clients

When it comes to securing the interest of new clients, having a solid strategy in place can make the process very straight forward, or much more complicated than it needs to be – and something that many business get wrong surprisingly is which time of year they’re targeting new business leads. A business development agency may be able to help guide you along the way, but there are some good rules of thumb to follow when it comes time to target new leads and trying to generate new business leads and gain crucial new clients.

Build relationships early

Many business will often follow the same pattern when looking to generate new leads, often ignoring the summer months where business is often much slower and ramp things up in the fall as many business development agencies will say they received the most interest as the Autumn approaches – however, relationships aren’t built over night, and this has become something of an outdated approach.

Rather than waiting for the quiet business months to end, start building relationships early so you’re ahead of competition that wait until business picks up to do so – you’ll have your foot in the door, and will already be one step ahead. Summer months may be quiet, but they’re perfect for building new business and client relationships.

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Don’t slow when things are working

The summer is over, and the winter is approaching, and all that hard work is paying off as new clients start coming through the door – this isn’t the time to slow down, however. As the winter months approach, it tends to be a great time for business to start seeing the benefits of these new relationships and then slow down as leads start to pan out – but this also means restarting the process all over again.

Spring rolls around and the work is done to wind down for a quiet summer but keeping a consistency throughout the year will always mean the machine is turning and new relationships are being formed – even if these relationships don’t convert, you’re keeping in practice for when the next new lead may come through.

It’s true that this will take a lot of resource and can be a very exhausting process, but keeping volume and approach high until you’re satisfied with growth is essential to see continued success – the best months for scoring new clients don’t have to wait until certain times of the year where everybody is trying the same approach, but instead focusing on having a steady flow throughout the year could net the best results.


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