The Challenges of Owning and Driving an Electric Vehicle

The idea of switching to an electric vehicle can be quite tempting, especially if you consider the present situation where fuel prices are soaring and with hardly any sign of letting up. Other than that, an electric car is quite easy to operate when compared to traditional autos. So, if your four-wheeled friend is getting old and weary while you are just about ready to retire, an EV may just be what you need.

However, it is always a good idea to conduct some research first before you go out and buy that electric car. Talking to an existing owner of an electric vehicle or to a car expert working in an auto repair shop are good initial steps. These are generally reliable sources who can answer the questions you have in your mind and perhaps even offer you valuable insights. Relying on pure instinct or following a trend when buying an EV can be dangerous.

 The Challenges of Owning an Electric Car   

Although electric vehicles offer many interesting benefits, notably the chance to reduce carbon emissions that are harmful to the environment, you should be aware of their current limitations such as the following:

 1. Restricted Driving Range   

People were skeptical when the first electric vehicles were released, and with good reason. After all, they didn’t have enough driving range, a poor sales pitch that would hardly make any driver consider making the big switch. While these initial distance limits may have been adequate for driving between towns before a recharge sounds off, the cars can hardly be relied upon for longer journeys or in extreme weather.

Nevertheless, manufacturers have been continuously developing EVs over the years to meet changing driver needs. These include the use of batteries powered by lithium ion. Research and experiments are continuing so new ways to improve these batteries can be discovered.

 2. Limited Vehicle Choice   

It can be a bit difficult to find an electric vehicle that meets all your needs, especially if you are the meticulous type of person. Presently, there are few options available for electric cars, simply because the choices are limited. However, manufacturers of electric vehicles are constantly looking for ways to improve the current capacity of EVs and provide additional features that could rival or outshine traditional vehicles.

 3. Limited to No Charging Areas   

The lack of infrastructure for charging your electric vehicle is another downside hounding the EV industry. However, this is largely dependent on where you live and where you intend to go and should not really be an issue if you normally charge your electric vehicle at work or at home.

A possible solution is to set up a charging station in the home, preferably in your garage. A nearby car company or one of its staff could provide you with information on how this can be done. Alternatively, you could share charging stations with EV owners who live within your area of residence.

 4. Cost   

Electric vehicles can be a problem for people with a limited budget, especially when the first mass-produced and commercially-available models were released at exorbitant rates. These days, however, EV manufacturers have made newer models that are remarkably cheaper, according to an auto body shop in St. Petersburg, FL.

On the average though, the price of electric cars generally remains higher than regular vehicles. Yet despite the cost, EVs can save you a lot of money in the long-term because they don’t require as much maintenance as their gas-powered counterparts. Additionally, there are fewer moving parts that you need to check and replace. In some places, there are state and tax incentives being extended to people who own or drive electric cars.

 5. No Reliable Mechanic   

While an electric car may require fewer mechanic visits for maintenance purposes, this does not mean that you can forget the idea of looking for someone who is qualified to do the job. EVs require different maintenance and care and it takes a special mechanic to handle them efficiently.

It is also important that you settle for a mechanic who lives nearby. This will ensure that your electric vehicle will receive immediate factory-scheduled maintenance when it becomes necessary.

 Key Takeaway 

When thinking of purchasing an electric car, you should be aware of the negatives as well as the benefits and weigh them accordingly. If you’re an environmentalist, the eco-friendly side of EVs will definitely win you over. On the other hand, if you want an electric vehicle that can do a lot of things, you might end up a bit disappointed given the limitations of some EV models.

Regardless of your choice, buying a car, electric or otherwise, carries with it the responsibility of maintaining the vehicle through regular visits to a trusted auto body shop. Here, your electric car will be provided with auto painting, restoration, detailing, and many other services that are extended to traditional vehicles.


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