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The Diseases That Can Be Treated Using Fish Oil for Dogs

Fish oil for dog supplements are certainly becoming the favourite of many pet owners and rightfully so. These omega-3 fatty acid-rich supplements have various benefits on your pet’s health. These supplements are known to help with pain and swelling. Furthermore, they can also be used to treat the following conditions for your dog:

Treatment for Arthritis

The omega-3 fatty acids have anti-inflammatory properties that make them beneficial for dogs with arthritis. Although there are several joint vitamins for dogs that can be given as well to make them strong, still nothing works as effectively as fish oils. Various pet studies have also shown that the dogs with the fish oil supplements see significant improvement in playing and walking smoothly and actively. You will see many vets prescribing these supplements for dogs with the problem of arthritis.

Treatment for Skin Diseases

Dogs that suffer from allergies or inflammatory skin diseases can highly benefit from fish oil. Several successful case studies support this fact. Many dogs with itchy skins or other skin-related diseases were tested by giving fish oil supplements, and they showed great improvement especially in the early stages of the disease.

Even if you have other pets like cat, there are various fish oil for cats’ supplements available as well. Use it for them and you’ll see great improvement in their health.

Treatment for Heart-Related Concerns

Weight is the main reason for chronic heart failures in dogs. The fish oil supplements help to significantly reduce this problem. Feeding dogs with heart failure condition with fish oils show a longer survival rate and they face fewer weight loss problems as compared to those who do not take these. Is your dog also suffering from these problems? Consult with your vet and feed your dog with fish oil supplements from IVS Pet.

Treatment for Cognitive Dysfunction

This syndrome is very common in older dogs and it resembles human dementia. These omega-3 fatty acid supplements have shown to improve the cognitive function of dogs suffering from these problems. Also, it can prove to be effective for other behavioural abnormalities among dogs. Many dogs have shown slight improvement in just sixty days of consuming these supplements.

Treatment for Kidney

Fish oil is used to treat several kidney diseases for dogs. For instance, many pet owners have seen a significant improvement in dogswith glomerular. It is a kidney disease that happens due to excessive protein loss in the urine. If not treated, it can also be converted into chronic kidney disease.

Using the best fish oil for dogs can also visibly reduce the progression of kidney damage. Additionally, these supplements can also act as a protective layer for acute injuries on the kidney.

With all these benefits, we would recommend you to use fish oil for dogs for your furry friend. It will ensure its good health for longer as well as protect them from chronic diseases. But before adding these supplements to their diets, we recommend you consult a vet.

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