The Express Mission in The Raiders of the Lost Ark is a guide to the game.

By participating in Lost Ark’s Express Mission Event, players will be able to significantly accelerate the Tier growth of their characters.

This event and its reward system, which is similar to the Ark Pass, provide a range of goals with a variety of rewards for a limited amount of time.The “Super Express Mission” or “Express Mission” is an event in Lost Ark that is designed to aid explorers in achieving Tier-3 Gear Level with a single character. 

  • The primary goal of the Express Mission Event, on the other hand, is to assist Tier-1 characters in Lost Ark in their progression through the game to Tier 2 and finally Tier 3.
  • As a result, only one Lost Ark character can be dedicated to the Express Mission Event, which accelerates the growth rate of the avatar’s avatar.
  • All significant prizes, such as special boosts or resources, Lost Ark gold are character-specific, despite the fact that they can be obtained by players from across the entire roster during this event.
  • In order to accelerate to Tier 3, players will need to carefully select which avatar from their roster they would like to use as a starting point.
  • Even though binding the Express Mission to a Tier-3 character will still result in numerous valuable rewards, using a Tier-1 alt will almost certainly result in significantly more value in terms of growth.
  • The Gear Honing benefit a character receives after upgrading their weaponry and raising their Item Level is one of the most notable aspects of the Express Mission in Lost Ark.
  • Because they are using an Express Character, players in Lost Ark will require fewer Shards to upgrade their equipment.
  • Levelling has also been significantly improved, with players now able to jump two levels rather than one until they reach level 12.
  • Stronghold’s Gear Honing benefits can be combined with these active perks to maximize their effectiveness.

Instructions for a task that is being completed quickly When it comes to Raiders of the Lost Ark, there’s nothing quite like it.

The Express Mission of Lost Ark has an extra level that may be completed in order to get more rewards. Tier 1 can be done more quickly if you use Levels 1-2, and Tier 2 can be completed more quickly if you use Levels 3-4. Because the required tasks are tied to previous content and result in lower-tier goods, completing Levels 1-4 will most likely give the most value to a new character starting from scratch. As an example, cheap Lost Ark Gold for those who have not yet achieved Tier 3 may be able to profit from the new Advanced Glavier Class, which was introduced recently. Berserkers who currently have an Item Level of 1370 or higher are unlikely to gain any advantage from the addition of a new Glavier to their arsenal.

Due to the fact that the Express Mission Event will continue until June 30, 2022, Lost Ark players will not be pressed to complete it in a timely manner. The event’s acceleration benefits may be utilized on a new alt character or connected to a current main character, so it’s important for players to take some time to decide which option is best for them before participating.


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