The Power of Empowered Consumers

Why have managers spent years training employees to assume “the customer is always right” when they know that sometimes customers are definitely in the wrong? Because business isn’t about who is correct and who isn’t — it’s about making customers feel empowered.

When consumers feel like they can rely on your brand, product, or platform, they will keep coming back. A high retention rate is something all businesses crave. Only you know your business and your consumer, so there’s no one-size-fits-all way to empower yours.

Let’s check out how some of the disruptive prop-tech platforms manage to give power back to consumers so that you can apply these principles to your industry.

Better Service and Rates

If there’s ever a time buyers need intelligence and analysis about their purchase, it’s when buying property. People rely on their homes for long-term financial stability and, of course, to live inside. The real estate technology platform Nobul was created by innovator Regan McGee, who saw how murky sales data was in real estate and decided to flip things on their head.

Buyers who can see a real estate agent’s experience level, transactions closed, prices and verified reviews can choose their agent wisely. Nobul flips the traditional deal flow, so agents vie with each other over buyers. When realtors are incentivized to come after consumers, they offer additional services or even cashback.

What could be more empowering than that?


Modern consumers are savvy buyers accustomed to technology that meets and exceeds their desire for personalization and customization. Just like retail brick-and-mortar staff were trained in tactics to close the sale, the digital equivalent involves leveraging data to learn who the customer is and better reflect their needs and wants.

Regan McGee’s platform lets users define their search terms, then seamlessly churns the data before relaying to consumers listings that feel curated. Businesses are likely to close the deal when consumers get the benefit of data working for them without needing to lift a finger.

Safe and Secure

People want to feel like they’re getting fair value and treated with respect, and privacy violations can undermine these feelings. Tech can significantly boost your business, but financial gains are offset if customers walk away feeling like your platform is a risk.

Nobul is careful to make all communication through the app, so there’s no way for real estate agents or anyone else to get your contact information. Customers are empowered when they get easy access to difference-making specialists without ever risking their personal data.

Nobody wants to be interrupted during dinnertime by an agent trying to make a sale, but data thieves can exploit your personal information in significantly more painful ways.

Customer satisfaction was always a significant part of doing business, but technology has changed how this takes place. Nobody knows your business better than you, but it helps to look at how major disruptors in the real estate sector or elsewhere are empowering consumers to use it as a model.


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