These Virtual Tools Will Help You Study

The key to raising your grades might not be to study more, especially when you’re already spending a fair amount of time on your schoolwork. You don’t want to exhaust yourself. Instead of working harder to get your grades up, you need to work smarter.

How? Optimize your studying time with the help of these virtual tools.

Virtual High School:

The ultimate virtual study tool is a virtual school. A virtual high school will provide online versions of curriculum courses that result in credits toward a high school diploma. You can access courses like MHF4U, MCV4U, ENG4U and SCH4U.

How can virtual high school help with studying? Since courses are composed of pre-recorded lessons, you can pause and rewind a lesson whenever you’d like. You don’t have to panic about mishearing or misunderstanding part of your lesson. You can go back and rewatch a portion of the lesson as many times as you’d like! That information won’t disappear.

Another benefit is that you can ask your teacher for help without worrying about interrupting a class full of other students. You can send a message to your teacher, and they’ll get right back to you with an answer. There’s no need to feel anxious or embarrassed this way. You’ll have plenty of privacy.

Flashcard Apps:

You don’t have to scrawl your notes onto a hundred flashcards and hope that you don’t accidentally shuffle them in the wrong order. You can save paper by downloading a flashcard app and organizing all of your study notes there. Many flashcard apps will let you insert elements like images, graphs and audio files to help you memorize those facts.

These are some flashcard apps you could use:

  • AnkiApp Flashcards
  • Quizlet
  • StudyBlue
  • Flashcards Deluxe
  • Buffl

Mind Map Apps:

A mind map is a diagram that can help you organize a variety of related thoughts, ideas and concepts. It’s an effective tool for visual learners who want to see everything written out clearly. The diagram can help you brainstorm essays, prepare presentations and take notes when you’re studying.

You can make a mind map with paper and a pencil. Or you can download an app! These are some mind map apps:

  • Coggle
  • MindNode
  • Ayoa
  • Mindly
  • MindGenius

Video Chat Apps:

Do you have trouble studying on your own? Then, you might be interested in following a technique called Body Doubling.

Body Doubling is a popular productivity tool for people who live with ADHD and struggle to focus on specific tasks — although you don’t have to have ADHD to find it effective. What is it? Body Doubling is when you pair up with another person (potentially multiple people) to do a task with you. Having another person present can encourage you to stop procrastinating and go through the tasks until they’re complete. The person keeps you focused and accountable.

Video chat apps can help you body double from a distance. You can use them to set up study groups with friends or classmates without having to leave your room. This is great for friends that don’t live nearby!

What video chat apps can you use?

  • Zoom
  • Skype
  • Google Meet
  • WhatsApp
  • Discord
  • FaceTime

If you can’t manage to find a friend willing to do a virtual study session, you can always watch video recordings for study sessions online. Look up “Study with me” in your browser. Your results should reveal plenty of videos of people studying that you can use to body double with. Hit play and then hit the books.

Work smarter, not harder. Use these virtual study tools and boost your grades!


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