Things That Affect Cell Phone Signal And How A Booster Can Help

The story of the Kim family made headlines many times in the year 2006. Frankly, there is a tragic side to their story considering how James Kim died.

On the other hand, there is the positive side considering how his wife and young children (2 of them) were able to make it alive. The question is what made James end up dead in the long run and his wife and 2 children survive.

Amongst other things, a cell phone signal kept the wife and 2 children alive. So, you should appreciate every minute you see a signal on your cell. This is because it could be the difference between life and death for some. If you would like to know more about the Kim’s, their ordeal, and the role of the cell signal in all of it, you can click here.

Speaking of cell phone signal, you should know that having a cell phone and enough battery does not guarantee that you would have mobile reception. The reason is that several things could threaten your ability to get a signal.

This article will discuss a number of these things. But more importantly, we would explain how a cell phone booster could benefit you even as we discuss the causes of no or weak signal. This is very important as seen from the Kim family story mentioned above and so you should keep reading to be better informed.

Reasons for Weak or No Signal and How a Cell Phone Booster Can Help

Thanks to cell phone signals, communication and access to information are a lot easier. There is also the fanfare side as we can stream movies online and do quite a lot of things.

Unfortunately, having a cell phone and subscribing to a telecommunication service is not enough to guarantee that you would also have the needed signal. The reason is that several things can cause a weak or no signal. Some of them include the following:

The Service Provider Is Dealing with Heavy Traffic

Can you relate to what happens when there are too many vehicles plying a major or minor road network? If you can, then you know that there is bound to be traffic.

Well, traffic is not only something that happens to road users. It is also a reality in the telecommunication business. The system can end up weakened when too many subscribers are using the system.

It could even end up crashing. You might have even noticed that the signal seems to be better at certain times (odd hours) of the day. The reason is that fewer people are active on the network and so it is more stable.

The good news is that with a good signal booster for cell phones you do not have to wait till those odd hours. This is because your reception can be boosted up to 32 times with this equipment.

Proximity and Location

That you do not see what makes up the signal does not mean it is not real. It is more real than many of us can imagine. This is why we cannot only use cell phones but have radio and TV stations as well.

When these signals are concerned, here is something you should know. The closer the better; the further the more unstable it gets.

It is for this reason people close to the cell tower stand a better chance of enjoying a great deal of signal. Well, we understand that you cannot always make your way to somewhere close to the cell tower. With these boosters, you can enjoy a good enough signal even if you are far away from it.

A good one can connect to towers that are far away and boost your reception. So, you should consider using it for this reason.

Interfering Materials

There are certain kinds of materials that tend to adversely interfere with the signal from the tower. The more complicated thing is how some of such materials are actively used in construction.

This means that you might even be stationed in a place constructed with lots of such materials. In other words, your reception will be affected as long as you are in such a place.

From what we have gathered, some kinds of metal, thick concrete and even glass are this way. You should turn to a cell phone booster if you discover your location is this way. The reason is that the equipment will boost the signal to an extent. This is such that the interference would not be able to threaten it.

Some Weather Conditions

Airlines and aviation regulatory authorities go as far as canceling flights because of bad weather conditions. This is usually a tough call to make but it has to be made as it is in the best interest of everyone.

Other than the increased chances of experiencing turbulence that can lead to a crash, this call is made for another reason. It is because communication between the control tower and pilot(s) could be affected by bad weather.

Just as bad weather conditions can affect communication between control and pilot, the same could happen several feet below. This is something you might have discovered when Mother Nature is not smiling at your location.

Well, your signal does not have to be adversely affected by bad weather. You could rely on a good cell phone booster for this reason.


In discussing the several things that can cause weak or no cell phone signal, we have discussed how booster equipment can resolve the problem. For more on this subject, you can visit:

We advise that you make the most of these products when the need arises. However, you should also pay attention to getting a good product.


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